HTC Schubert (WP7) Phone Release Date & Price Mystery

Say hello to the Apple iPhone 3G/S lookalike, the HTC Schubert Windows Phone 7 (WP7) smartphone is still a mystery if you ask us, the reason we say this is because the release date has been slated to be November 17, but this date is not official so we call it a mystery, even a rough price has not been mentioned yet.

The handset design looks very good and you can see this in the video provided below, it has been made with one single cut of aluminum and a plastic back, glad they have kept the Apple iPhone 3GS plastic, maybe the signal will be good (Opps sorry that was a dig at Apple, we love you Steve Jobs).

The HTC Schubert will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor, dual LED flash, high-resolution camera and Xenon flash, according to Pinoy Tuturial this phone was apparently being released with T-Mobile USA but new reports say that it would finally be releasing through AT&T.

We will as usual take everything with a pinch of salt until official information is sent to us, as soon as we find out more info on this new smartphone we will let you know.

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