O2 UK Dell Streak Android 2.1 Update, Review and Problems

The Dell Streak Android 2.1 has been leaked for O2 UK locked devices, which is not the final version but it is a start.

You can get the download from Dell (O2 2.1 update) but the server is very slow so good luck with this one, we have tried on numerous occasions to get on the site but cannot, you can however visit Media Fire for the download.

You must remember that this update is only for locked Dell Streak handsets with O2 UK; this new update has many improvements such as a 720p camcorder, improved live wallpapers and improved keyboard.

Copy the downloaded PKG file to the Dell Streak SD card and then rename it to “Update.pkg.” Then, reboot your Streak smartphone into recovery mode by holding down both volume keys and powering it on.

If you have already tried installing the update please send in your personal reviews on how you got on, if you encountered any problems please let us know what they are.

You may want to read more about the AT&T Dell Streak releasing with Android 2.2 Froyo, we will bring you much more news about this smartphone so keep coming back.

Source – Engadget via Geek.com


12 thoughts on “O2 UK Dell Streak Android 2.1 Update, Review and Problems”

  1. Updated on friday, very easy, noticable speed bump after update.

    New keyboard is a bit rubbish (nice and big but still no multitouch -crazynss)

    Any1 worked out how to update without wiping your streak?

  2. Scott Deagan says:

    I have build 4399, but it's not from O2 – I bought mine SIM free from Tottenham Court Road. I'm desperate for an update as Android 1.6 is useless. Has anyone out there successfully installed this firmware upgrade on a Streak with Android 1.6 build 4399?

  3. John Hutton says:

    I have today uploaded and installed 2.1 onto my Dell Streak.

    1. It took a long, long time, (4 hrs) to download.
    2. After Installation it just hung on the dell logo until I switched off then restarted.
    3. It rebooted fine, but it took me a bit to work out how to unlock the screen. It kept going to sleep on me until I worked out to scroll the lock icon fully upwards.
    4. It now operates great, with one slight exception. I cant dowload any apps. It says that it is downloading but it just hangs there.

    I think that they have released the 2.1 upgrade as a stopgap for all of us pestering them. However, I think that there are far to many problems with it.
    I now want to return to my working 1.6 version but do not know how. Any advice would be helpful!!!

  4. Dennis O says:

    lots of very nice improvements but plenty of bugs also and here are the list:

    • it wont work on PC Suite – after upgrading it wont work with Dell PC suite anymore so i cant retrieve all my programs, contacts etc
    • it restarts every time i click google maps.
    • i cant log in to my Google account – its saying that i must connect to Wifi even though im already connected.

    does anybody have this problem?

  5. Mirek says:

    Durig updating my dell went to : Error in /sdcard/download/Android2.1update.pkg.dec .

    I can do nothing iven teking battery of do not help.
    I do not know what to do .
    Shall I go to servis or is it possible to do somethigng ?
    PC suit does not respont.
    No one button works.

  6. catkins says:

    after trying to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1 on o2 handset build 4399 it froze – tried everything from all the forums – returned to 02 who then replaced handset with another 1.6 (1 out of 10 for that!) – decided to return to them to sort as i don't want to waste another 3days and several hours spent with o2 gurus in different stores – handset is nice, o2 are helpful, but lack of support from dell i suspect??

  7. Mohammed says:

    i got my dell streakWoking like a star. I had the leaked version 1st and then installed the o2 update. Problems im facing now is that it seems to have slow down alot. All apps run fine.. with right amount of speed but apart from the keyboard.. its so slow.!
    if u can get the leaked version working keep it. The 02 update is shit.

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