Glympse Location Sharing App Promo Video

There’s a new location sharing app called Glympse which puts a new twist on you location sharing by enabling the user to choose when, for how long and with whom you wish to share your location data giving you more control over who know where you are.

We have a couple of videos that show of Glympse, which is for the iPhone, Windows Mobile devices and Android smartphones. The videos come our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and jointly last just over five minutes.

Apparently using Glympse is easier and faster than texting or calling to let someone know your location as all you need do it select a contact, select the duration time they will be allowed to know your location, and then hit the send button…simple.

The guys in the videos explain Glympse so much better than I can so I’ll just let you head on down below and mash those play buttons to find out all about Glympse…enjoy.

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