Android iPhone with iPhoDroid: Video

I know to iPhone fanboys the iOS is sacred on an iPhone, so I’m probably being sacrilegious with this, but Android is doing quite well in the operating system stakes, and perhaps there are a few iPhone owners who’d like to try out the Android platform on their iPhone.

According to an article and video over on the Daily iPhone Blog, you can now run the Android operating system on the iPhone by just one simply click using iPhoDroid, which apparently transfers all the necessary Android files to the iPhone.

The video which can be viewed below shows the new version of iPhoDroid 0.6 R131 achieving a WiFi connection on Android 2.2 Froyo, and I do believe that’s T-Mobile popping up on the WiFi connection on the iPhone right at the end.

Is this the invasion of the iPhone by Android? If you fancy having a little Android OS on your iPhone you can firstly head on down and check out that video to see what it’s all about and then if you wish you can apparently go grab the files required from iPhoDroid…enjoy.

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