Android Market Problems: Your App Downloading Complaints

Are you having problems downloading apps via Android Market? Many users are unable to download Android apps through the Android Market and the Huge thread on the Google Forum is proof of this.

Apparently according to EuroDroid many users across Europe have been stopped in their tracks on all networks and mobile phone types downloading certain apps since Friday last week, Google has not responded to this as far as we know but we guess they will.

Vodafone seems to be working fine according to the source above but there are still many angry users experiencing problems, this is where we ask you if you are having any issues downloading apps via the Android Market.

Please do post all your comments below, let us know what app you was downloading as this will let us know what app is most popular as well; you know kill two birds with one stone and all that.


31 thoughts on “Android Market Problems: Your App Downloading Complaints”

  1. Tony says:

    yes….experiencing problems downloading apps to my HTC desire…..amazing phone but being let down a little by android market….come on google….get the finger out! why can't we down load pay for apps in ireland!?

  2. Simon says:

    ive just switched my iphone from o2 to vodafone and the download speed is poor, vodoafone support are in denial…im lucky if i can download basic pages half the time…

    My old 02 sim is in a desire which works perfectly well with android MP

  3. laubin says:

    Yes, having intermittent problems downloading apps and updates for at least the last day or so. I think its about time Google does some major reorganizing and improvements and updates to the Market. It's becoming clogged with what I call SPAM apps. They post a number of apps and add a number to it to make it seem like it's another app. It's just crap and I think they need to remove these or add filters to eliminate this practice. There should also be an "adult" section with the ability to hide it or disable it. Not all of us want to see these apps. I think there needs to be a way to filter what we see and search for too..

  4. Maestro632 says:

    Have been having problems downloading my already purchased apps. I reset my handset now I can not redownload Pandora, Barcode Reader, Lookout Antivirus, Basketball (Game) etc. I have been havingthis issue for a week now. I live in the USA.

  5. Richard says:

    I have been unable to download from Market since Friday (thius is the second occurance since upgrading to v2.2 of Android. I am a vodafone customer (though an unlocked phone and “clean” copy of v2.2.

    I get to the starting download element and it stays there foreever. I have rest Market, cleared the cache, reset the auto update and background data elements, rebooted and still have the prob.


      1. AJY says:

        Also here since dowloaded froyo 2.2 update last week when I try to connect to the android market either via the shortcut or elsewhere all I now get is an Attention and error has occured please try again later OK box .
        Am also a contract Vod customer ,,,and until they pushed out the 2,2 couldn't pick any mobile internet only via wifi…Voda admitted a problem; HTC suggested an antenna malfunction and I was just about to return it to HTC ( who were v.helpful and were paying for this) but the update proved the prob was with the network provider…

  6. Thomas Howard says:

    I have just upgraded to the new galaxy s, previous was the g1.
    Absolutely loved the g1 and the galaxy s is even better!

    Since upgrading having trouble downloading apps from android market!!! whats going on??!!
    it starts the download… and thats it. becoming slightly annoyed with this current problem, come on google, sort it out.

  7. Elisha says:

    I have been unable to download any apps from my Android Market since last week sometime, also cannot receive any currently loaded app updates (i.e., SMS PopUp). Have had no luck with any app I have tried to download, so there was never anything specific…

    It will simply say download unsuccessful…and stay queued up until I click on it to try and install again.

  8. Andy says:

    I am now unable to download from the market, seems to coincide with a rom upgrade to JM1 through Kies, but may be coincidence. Didn't have the issue with original JF3 rom. It seems to be intermittent as I have managed a couple of updates but 90% of apps not updating and new apps not downloading at all.
    Tried clearing cache and data on all Google apps and the download manager, still no joy. Reset Google passwod online and managed to install a previously failed app but still experiencing the download unsuccessful issue on all others.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S and hope that Froyo will fix this when released next month.

  9. i was having problems all week on my Galaxy S,called T-Mob,they told me to try a master reset which worked.I was told it may have been a virus in one of the apps or upgrades.I am now able to download apps,but one new problem arouse Facebook account no longer syncs to my contacts

  10. Marc says:

    I started having problems last night. This is the 3rd time this has happened too me in over a month. Makes me want to change phones. Maybe this is googles plan.

  11. Chuck says:

    Unable to download all apps for almost 3 weeks now. I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S I-9000, running the original 2.1 OS on the AT&T network. I have tried all the tricks that others have posted, and have done factory resets at least 10 times. Once I do a reset, it will work for about 30 minutes, and then back to the same "starting download" freezing. It really sucks. Samsung says it is Google, Google says it is Samsung, and AT&T says it is my unlocked phone.

  12. Bob says:

    It has been 10 days now with a brand new Haipad M701 and still unable to download anything from Android Market but other sites work just fine. This is using a wifi connection and firewall settings make no difference. It seems like google are doing something very slightly different to the rest of the world which causes the dowloads to hang on some networks only.


  13. Rog says:

    i am having the problem on my htc desire.. (on 2.2)
    no problem up until a few days ago..
    no nothing, tried all download options, and settings..
    please someone help 🙁

  14. Eric says:

    haven't been able to download apps for 2 days now. Currently trying to download fring and attempted to download random apps to get anything to come through and it's the same story.

  15. Paul says:

    i have a htc desire on vodafone and it either times out of just wont download anything and i mean anything, i got to the download screen once but thst was that i let the phone and 2 hr later it were still trying to download the app.

  16. Equinoxtogo says:

    have a motorola defy works well but downloaded two apps shazam and sound dog both downloaded and worked but with both apps the song perchase is through amazon and this wont work keeps telling me US only is there another app which works like these but is easier to download songs

  17. Ryan72bilbao says:

    I got a Xperia neo v n 75% of the tme, I got problems downloading from app market esp. the live wallpaper app. Keep stating ‘downloading unsuccessful due to error’. Very frustrating…WHAT ERROR ??

  18. mia93 says:

    I have a samsung galaxy s1 and i have been trying to download a few games but they r all either getting stuck in the middle of the download or not starting download at all.. A game called ninjump has been stuck at 58% for the past 3 hrs..its really frustrating

    1. anthony says:

      im having the same problem, cannot download wirelesly to my samsung galaxy s from my pc, says download error, sometimes it downloads sometimes it don’t.i think this has happened since ‘google play’ took over from the ‘market’.
      everyone is having problems now.

  19. Archerymike9@gmail.com says:

    I cannot download or upgrade “ANY APPS PERIOD”.

    If your willing to help, send me info to my email account that I submit, Please.

  20. ERE1562 says:

    I have just gotten on the smart phone wagon and thought it was just me, the dumb user, but same here, not a single app. I just want to delete all those email contacts that duplicated like little nanobots in my phone with ancient emails that were deleted from my msn account years ago. I’m shocked to see them rise from the dead. I was told just get a delete app…how? No apps I choose download.

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