Motorola Droid 2 Has iPhone 4 Reception Syndrome: Early Reviews

There are many reports coming in that the Motorola Droid 2 is having signal problems, you know like the Apple iPhone 4, now everyone went on and on about the iPhone 4 so why so much hype for this smartphone but not others.

Early Motorola Droid 2 review units have experienced the reception loss problem; there have been a few websites pointing out this issue such as Mobile Crunch. The reception issue fluctuates no matter what the conditions are, according to Everything Android some are saying that it could be causing a short battery life.

Have you got your Droid 2 yet and if so have you experienced reception problems? We would love to know all about your Motorola Droid 2 and any problems you have come across.

Mobile Crunch says that one of their two review units they received is all over the board, ranging from full signal right down to no signal, just in case you ask if they are holding it wrong they say they are not.

Please do scroll down below a little and post your comments on the above issue and of course anything else you wish to mention about the Droid 2 smartphone.


19 thoughts on “Motorola Droid 2 Has iPhone 4 Reception Syndrome: Early Reviews”

  1. BOA says:

    I own both. No problem with signal or reception in either the Droid2 or iPhone4. This is all a bunch of overblown hype. Both awesome phones for different reasons.

  2. scott says:

    Just a thought, but I have the old droid, and I updated my OS to the new version of Android via a webhack. Now I am experienceing the same problem you describe. Sitting in my office I used to have a solid 4 bars, now it is all over the place and my battery is draining twice as fast. Maybe a glitch with google??

  3. Jdub says:

    When you’re the big dog (iPhone) everyone wants to take shots at you. No one cares about the Droid 2 hence the near muted response. I’m not surprised at all…

  4. Kendra says:

    I got my droid 2 and Im lovin it!! I havent noticed the signal being much diffent than other verizon phones, unless Im right on the edge of coverage. My sister has the new I phone, and I would choose the droid 2 over the i Phone everytime. The new bigger keyboard is awsome! And I love having Flash player!!

  5. Not Happy says:

    I already have this problem with my Droid 1. Have never had problems with other phones on Verizon but I can't even use this device as a phone. Great gadget – horrible phone! Will not be buying the Droid 2.

  6. bob wigley says:

    as big as these phone makers are and the brains that these people have ,why cant they make a good phone thats works. My answer is to much brains and little common sense.

  7. I've had absolutely zero problems with my Droid 2's reception. In fact, I think the phone is a huge improvement over the Droid 1. The software interface is much more useable, the keyboard is easy to type on, and the social networking interface is awesome if you're into using that kind of stuff.

  8. T J says:

    I bought my Droid 2 the day it was released. I have used it a lot for email, however this evening an old friend called and he kept telling me I was fading on and out. Using the phone with the ear buds gave no complaints so I assume it comes from holding he the phone. If this continues I will return the phone.

  9. cds says:

    I just purchased the Droid 2 three days ago. I have noticed the signal bar going from no bars to four bars. Further, my battery drains very quickly. It only lasts about four hours with normal usage. I use my phone for work. I must have a phone that can endure an entire work day. Unless there is a fix, I will need to get a new phone in the next few days.

  10. UnhappyKamper says:

    It was a short but not sweet relationship with Droid X. I returned it a few days ago and will buy an iPhone 4 when it becomes available in outlets in my location.

  11. Ted says:

    I'm afraid it's no joke. I've had the Droid2 for a week now. I love everything about it, it it weren't for the reception problem. I suspect the others are correct that the reception issue is the cause of the rapid battery drain, which I'm experiencing as well. I bought the phone for the 3G mobile hotspot. So far I have not been able to use it, because it won't work without a strong signal. My reception meter fluctuates constantly, even when the phone is sitting in one place. At home, where I need the hotspot, my Droid2 shows one bar (when it's not fluctuating) while my wife's Blackberry holds a consistent full signal.

    I'm curious whether this is a hardware or software problem. Does anyone out there have a rooted Droid2 with (or without) reception problems?

  12. Jen says:

    I got my droid2 4 days ago and have lots of reception problems. According to the verizon coverage site the coverage is good where I live and work, however when I can get 2 or 3 bars I can consider myself lucky. The reception is not stable…. it drops from 3 bars to no bar at all within seconds and I have to move the phone around to get one bar again. Not good! :/

  13. Juan says:

    Same probleme here i have been using my driod 2– for 2 weeks, the norm on my ph. is one bar. some times if i'm lucky i get 3 bars but not for long, that being said, i can still make and receive calls 99% of the time, but my LG Vx 9900 less expensive ph. has 3 to 4 bars all the time. in the same spot as the droid 2. hope motorola can come with a fix soon,

  14. Lori says:

    I have had my droid 2 global for about 3 weeks. Like many others, I love everything about this phone EXCEPT for the reception. I owned a Samsung Alias for 4 years, and never had a reception problem. With my droid 2, everything is garbled and I have trouble understanding what the person on the other end of the phone is saying. Very frustrating! Interestingly, I have noticed that when I am not on a phone call, I have full 3G reception, but the second I hit the "phone" button to either make or receive a call, it jumps to "0" bars. I really hope that this is an issue that can be fixed, and I hope that they will do it soon. Then I would say this phone is pretty much perfect.

  15. Lori says:

    I would also like to add that being that I have a Droid 2 Global, I recently received a system update to 2.4, which promised to fix the reception problem, but that did not help AT ALL, in fact, in my opinion, I think it may have made it worse. As I mentioned before, I have full 3G until I hit the phone button, then "0" bars. As soon as end the phone call, full 3G is instantly restored.

  16. Nikki says:

    Have owned the Droid 1 and do own the Droid 2. I live in a remote area where there is virtually NO signal for most people. Despite this, I had a few dropped calls, (like in one certain corner of my house), with Droid 1, but absolutely no problem whatsoever with Droid 2. I think the reports are coming from apple……just sayin…..

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