Sonic Boom for iPhone by Gregg Easterbook

If you enjoy reading books on your iPhone and are into what comes after a recession then Sonic Boom, a book by Gregg Easterbook, which can be read on the iPhone, may just be to your taste as Sonic Boom is globalisation at Mach speed.

Each chapter of Sonic Boom is based on examples of cities located across the globe in such places as Europe, Russia, China, South America and the United States, and uses humour, elegant prose and pitch-perfect reporting to explain just why economic recovery is just over the horizon.

Apparently Forbes says Gregg Easterbook is “the best writer on complex topics in the United States,” and reading Sonic Boom on your iPhone will show you why.

Sonic Boom by Gregg Easterbook is a book for iPhone and can be downloaded to your iPhone OS 2.2.1 or higher device from iTunes at a cost of $25.99.

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