Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training Videos Go Live

Not too long from now the first Windows Phone 7 handsets should hit the mobile arena, and Microsoft is getting ahead of the game by publishing the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start Training Sessions for the new operating system.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire, there are 12 Windows Phone 7 Jump Star ttraining Sessions available and explain the development of apps for the WP7 OS and can be found by visiting the Windows Team Blog.

Each WP7 Jump Star session last approximately 50 minutes with a view to offering details on all aspects in Windows Phone 7 application development and include a quick tour of the WP7 OS along with the manner in which someone can write apps, marketing WP7 apps, building Silverlight apps, and games for the XNA platform amongst other information.

Brandon Watson of Microsoft says…“While we plan on having more live training sessions in the coming weeks and months, we are also committed to making that content available as quickly as possible to as many developers as possible.”

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