Samsung Epic 4G GPS Issues Done and Dusted

Samsung Galaxy S devices have been experiencing GPS issues of late which apparently stop users from receiving a valid lock on their location, come to that it doesn’t get anywhere close apparently, and although this issue may not put you of picking up a Galaxy S, it would be a right pain when it comes to turn by turn navigation.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, they have tested the Samsung Epic 4G and have found that its GPS is now functioning and Google Maps came up with precise positioning very quickly, and it appears that Samsung agrees.

Here’s what Samsung says…”We have tested and validated both Network Assisted (indoor) and Autonomous (outdoor) GPS on the Epic 4G. With regards to Vibrant and Captivate, we are currently testing software updates which will optimize GPS performance. We expect to be able to make the updates available in September and will communicate more information and download instructions in the next few weeks.”

So basically the GPS issue on the Samsung Epic 4G is done and dusted while it is expected both the Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Captivate will see a fix come their way sometime next month.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Epic 4G GPS Issues Done and Dusted”

  1. Jenn says:

    Will trade my epic 4g in (AGAIN) tomorrow, because the capacitive keys at the bottom are not responsive- first is was the home key, 2nd phone its the back key. Pretty annoying.

  2. Jason Lackey says:

    Got my Samsung Epic on Sprint a couple days ago. Great phone (except the ugliness Samsung and Sprint have done to Android) and the GPS which does in fact suck. It is either slow to get a lock or inaccurate or both. Really wish they would leave android alone and fix the GPS. Hope GPS issue is indeep software as it could be a deal breaker and result in this phone going back to Sprint.

  3. Joanna says:

    The GPS only acts up if you have some sort of task killer installed. I had a battery status indicator on mine (task killer in disguise) and when I hard reset the phone, GPS worked like a champ!

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