White iPhone 4 Unboxing Video Again, So Why the Release Hold up?

For all intense and purposes Apple has basically put the white iPhone 4 on delay until such times as they can fix the issue they are experiencing with whatever excuse they are currently saying, meaning that the white iPhone 4 won’t be seen until later this year, or until later this year arrives and Apple decide it will be early next year, or whatever.

But if it’s so damn hard to get the white iPhone 4 in production why is it they keep on popping up? We recently saw one over in Canada being delivered and unboxed on video, which we reported on (here) although some have speculated that it is a fake.

The white iPhone 4 has been unboxed and pictured before, and now according to an article over on Mobile Syrup by Ian Hardy, another white iPhone 4 gets unboxed on video this time by the guys over at 9to5mac. So are people simply handing the same white iPhone 4 around or are there numerous white versions already out there?

The reason I ask is if Apple has somehow managed to push out numerous white iPhone 4 units which keep being unboxed and the like, then why is it those devices are fine but the one’s they are working on now aren’t? If there are already several white iPhone 4’s out in the wild why aren’t they suffering from the same manufacturing issues?

I’ve looked at the video and that white iPhone 4 seems pretty white to me, and I’m fairly sure not all the white units we’ve seen are fake. So if these in the wild units are fine, does Apple’s excuse that there’s a paint problem stand up or is Apple delaying the device for some other reason they are simply not willing to share?


7 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Unboxing Video Again, So Why the Release Hold up?”

  1. Fed up says:

    Well if the white iphone is not released soon Apple will be loosing custom, If htc release a white phone first I will be giving up on Apple and buying a htc………………..

  2. Gary says:

    Well he never showed the ear plug on top of the phone for some reason, as this would of been white as well, and would of got us thinking that it was not fake.

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