iPhone iOS 4.1 Update Release Replaces 4.0.2: Major Fixes and Features

The current iPhone iOS 4.0.2 will be the death of me and I really do mean this, so far since the software update I have not been able to use my iPhone 4 in my Bose Dock System, calls keep dropping, login into some apps to see some of them not working so log out then log back in and fine and so on.

I had so much respect for Apple and really starting to lose faith, Im on the O2 network and find most of the time signal and to put it blunt ‘to be very painful’, smartphones are definitely getting smarter but then they are also becoming something that will end up in the bin if fixes do not happen quickly.

I do love my iPhone 4 it is a lovely piece of kit, but it comes with problems like most phones and if things do not get any better then one less customer will happen, hopefully the new software update will put a smile back on my face, which could possibly happen if sources are correct.

We visited iPhone FAQ and they say that Steve Jobs sent an email mentioning the new iPhone iOS 4.1 firmware update will be publicly released soon, at the moment it is in beta 3 and the new update will replace the current iOS 4.0.2. New bug fixes and features will be included in this new upgrade, which is apparently going to be released in September.

What You Can Expect In The iOS 4.1 Update: Will improve performance, iPhone 4 proximity sensor fix, fixes iPhone screen turn on during a call, resulting in ears pressing buttons, iPhone 4 Bluetooth connectivity fix, FaceTime to get more functionalities, Apple’s Game Center will launch, Modem firmware in iOS 4.1 is updated to 2.10.01, switch to turn keyboard auto-correct Check Spelling on or off, and there will be improvements to the camera interface in landscape mode.

AppleInsider claims that some serious memory leaks in iOS 4.1 beta 3 will need addressing before Apple can release the iPhone iOS 4.1 update, please do let us know what you think of this new firmware update.


4 thoughts on “iPhone iOS 4.1 Update Release Replaces 4.0.2: Major Fixes and Features”

  1. jwpoppygreen says:

    Apple intends to have the final say about “jailbreaking” the iPhone. Yesterday I went into the Apple because an up-date was indicated on “MY” Skype app. Like a good little customer, I signed into Itunes, and was confronted with a NEW terms and conditions (55 pages). Right from the start, nothing but bad news. If I want to use Apple’s apps — I MUST NOT have any “modified” apps or software….blah, blah, blah…. same Apple line. I push agree, to get in, and update the Skype’s app. No problems — until I try to see what was updated. Just a sign stating this app does not work on ANY iPhone containing any modified apps or software! Welcome to the Apple future!!!!

  2. SteveyJay says:

    i have an Iphone 3GS, best phone i have ever purchase… until the Iphone 4 software update.

    Worst thing i ever did, my 3GS signal is now complete and utter pants, Apple say the upgrade does not impact on the signal strength however Vodaphone disagree with this. I use to have nearly full signal when i had 3G turned on now im lucky if i get 1 BAR!!!

    Just updated again to 4.0.2 hoping that this would be fixed… oh how wrong i was now the only difference i can see is that it switches back to 2G a lot quicker automatically. They should offer people the chance to backgrade back to the 3GS firmware. My phone was perfect no problems what so ever, i only upgraded (if you can call it an upgrade) because i liked the look of the new features, if i knew i was going to have this much hassle i wouldnt have bothered. This was the first apple device i have ever purchased, i always used to stay clear of apple macs and everything apple because i didnt like how restrictive they were to apple approved software only.

  3. Steveyjay says:

    Was absolutely chuffed to bits with this purchase, so much that i even went out and bought a seperate Touch for the car. Needless to say i will not be updating my Touch with the new software as its the only Apple device i now have that works as its designed to.


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