LG Dual-Core Tegra 2, 1080p and HDMI support Future Smartphones

LG is pushing very hard to give you powerful smartphones and so much so they are going to be adding dual-core Tegra 2 into future devices.

LG is planning on bringing a new wave of android smartphones in the near future; love to know what they will come up with after the LG Optimus. According to FFog future handsets will feature support functions decode 1080p, 1 GHz chips and HDMI support.

You will be able to send one wire high-definition video and multichannel audio thanks to the digital serial interface for connecting audio, video, technical and displays, and what we like is the limited backward compatibility with DVI. And 1680 x 1050, other features include 12-megapixel cameras.

So LG is planning on bringing us future smartphones, whilst we sit and wait for them why don’t you guess a few names of what you think they will be called, please let us know in the comments area below what name you would like future LG handsets should be called.

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