HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update: How’s it going Three UK Users?

Three (3) UK has rolled out the HTC Hero Android 2.1 update and according to Euro-Droid part one and part two is now one single update.

The new update seems to be very successful according commenter’s on the Three Blog, Euro-Droid did report some news saying that the Android 2.1 update was oddly split, but we now know that the update is one single one.

There seems to be more success from HTC Hero users with the new update but you do get the odd comment complaining of problems, such as Bluetooth issues.

To All HTC Hero Owners: We would love for you to let us know what you think of the new Android 2.1 update, did you come across any problems, what new features do you like the most, anything you wish to say about the update please do so in the comments area below.


41 thoughts on “HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update: How’s it going Three UK Users?”

  1. Dave says:

    @Acgangsta – try setting the date forward by a couple of years. I presume you're on 3uk? If not then contact your service provider…

    I've just got the update today and it's great. Took a while for the phone to settle down, but after a couple of hours it found all the settings and programmes I had before. The last part to fall into place was my facebook synced contacts (their pictures and so on). Was a little frustrated trying to re-do them all, but suddenly there they were and all is well! Absolutely love it! Shame we'll never get anything higher than 2.1, but at the end of the day it's a fantastic OS to be on so who cares?!

    1. Andyp says:

      Try changing the date on your hero to 2012. I did exactly the same (ignored the update). I changed the date back to current and then forward again to get the update info again.

      Hope it works for you.

      Had some problems with android market after the install, but it was caused by the date defaulting to 1990 something during the update. Changed to current date and works fine now.

  2. steev says:

    I got the 2.1 update a month ago on my unlocked hero. I experienced problems with my car stereo bluetooth, and there was heavy lag. I tried every possible fix, but the bluetooth would not work for my car stereo although my motorola bluetooth earpiece worked fine. I finally decided to root the phone to an unofficial 2.1 eclair rom, but that was not worth it either because the car bluetooth still did not work. I've gone back to android 1.5 with the 2.73 build. No other rom is as fast as this one.

    1. matthew austen says:

      well done bud ! have been trying to sort out for ages i had not been offered the update and this worked for me fantastic and simple thanks for the information…

  3. Guest says:

    Set the date forward, prompted me for upgrade immediately.
    Huge difference in performance, new OS seems far less laggy and browser pages load much faster.
    Using task killer, it appears that 2.1 closes down unused apps rather than keeping them all open like 1.6 does – makes it run faster and probably saves battery too. Multitouch features work well. Looks wise, not too different to before, a few small improvements, but then didn't really need improving.

  4. Matt says:

    Got mine yesterday and have noticed loads of big issues for me. Podcast’s on listen won’t download. Market force close’s. Facebook pictures won’t sync. Things do seen faster but no point if can’t use anything.

  5. Quite enjoying not so much the update but what the update allows me to use – Google Navigation, Google Googles, Sky + recorder, etc. There's a lot of stuff that was not 1.5 compatible.

    I guess my favourite new function from 2.1 is when you hold the home button, you can now see all 7 home screens. Obviously holding it for longer shows you the last few programs you had open, but the mid-tap function is probably the coolest thing I've found so far.

    Also – touch wood – no Bluetooth issues thus far.

  6. Floyd says:

    Very happy with the 2.1 update. Browsing is faster and the overall user interface has improved.

    The update process itself was smooth and trouble free.

  7. tquinlan says:

    Just put the update on my HTC Hero. Haven't had a chance to test the bluetooth, but annoyed that it's wiped all my home screens and reset them back to factory presets.

    Not been a great success as a phone thus far, although it's a nice PDA. Hopefully the update will speed up the time lag.

    1. Adrian says:

      Thanks to MARTY…

      *#*#682#*#* disappeared from the screen as I typed the last * but within a second the update available notice popped up. WiFi was already on so I said do it, and I'm 34% there – with baited breath.

  8. John says:

    isn't this update supposed to come with a 3D photo viewer? I still seem to have the old Sense one from 1.5 although the camera UI has changed a bit.

  9. Dean says:

    ever since i have done the update when i go to type a text message it keeps reverting back to predictive text. I have to change it from the "xt9" to "abc" it is rather annoying. But other than that everything else has been improved, faster web browsing, and my bluetooth is fixed!

  10. Ralph says:

    All working good here, used the 682 method to check for update and downloaded without a problem. Got a bit worried when the orange install bar got stuck for about 10 mins but was patient & got there in the end!

    I thought I was going to lose all my apps/messages/etc but everything was still there once it had rebooted. I let it sync for about half an hour, all contacts back in place and all looking good. Homescreens weren't saved but a small price to pay for the new firmware!

    I was initially concerned as my contact/facebook links only got as far as D in the phonebook. After clearing the facebook cache and re-adding my facebook account and waiting a while all the links soon came back.

    Now enjoying Buddy Runner, Navigation and plenty more. Like turning the phone over when it rings to mute it! Not sure about battery life yet.

  11. Joe says:

    Update worked, sad that the little green robot is gone from the startup screen 🙁
    Everything transferred over apart from the aformentioned home screens. Like the new google maps a lot. Will have to test the internet speeds more. But seems a little faster.

    I think it was worth the wait.

  12. andy says:

    Hi just looking through all your posts and had all the same problems but with a bit of patience i love the new 2.1 the facebook and picture contacts took some working out and was a bit frustrating but works great now and i keep finding new things as i go along which are really good, all in all very happy with it and love the new google navigation and places and works really well, its about time it had a good navigation as tried all others and they are pretty poo, co pilot N drive wisepilot all kept crashing and had issues but no problems so far,

  13. guest says:

    how do i get this update. i am with three but didnt want to wait for the update….so i debranded a couple of months back to install the update. its working brilliantly but just want to try the three version to see if they changed anything to the update. thanks.

  14. George says:

    I recently purchased a HTC Hero on 3 (pay as you go) and the first time i switched it on it automatically prompted me for the update. I do not have personal experience of the lag issues that were aparent on older android versions, but i can say that under 2.1 running a lot of apps and widgets, the flow of movement and file execution is seamless and fast. My only real issue as far as the OS itself is concerned is that while it has flash support, it is not particularly good for viewing videos outside of youtube (BBC news for example) the framerate is next to non existent though the audio plays fine. If there are any future updates, it might be worth looking into whether flash video can be streamlined a little to run better.

  15. tquinlan says:

    Anyone else finding that since the new update, the phone is rebooting unprompted every few hours? Seemed to be doing it a lot last week. And the battery's barely lasting the day.

  16. mo. says:

    Hey, guys, i still havent recieved my update for 2.1 on the hero, now wen i enter the the star hash sequence on my phone it will upgrade to the 2.1, but what will this do 2 my phone, and how do i bakup my msgs, n how do i turn my phone into a modem, please can sum1 reply to this as, im really gettin upset with this phone…thanx

  17. Brien Trainor says:

    Got the new update automatically downloaded the other day. Got a few problems with the phone not connecting when calling or hanging up after a minute or so. Worse still – my new Jabra bluetooth headset won't connect now – it did before!! Might roll back to 1.5 if I can.

  18. Zero says:

    Got the update 2 weeks ago and was initially impressed. Now I notice that I can't download anything from the market without getting a "download unsuccessful" message.

    Similar thing with some apps, particularly google goggles which throws up a "connection problem" message when not connected to wifi.

    No fixes. No help anywhere. No longer impressed.

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