iPhone 4 Bumper Case Damaging Antenna Band, Is Yours?

It appears that Apple’s solution to the iPhone 4 antenna issue may just be causing some problems of its own as apparently there is a growing thread over in the Apple Support Discussion forums that say the bumper case is scratching the iPhone 4 antenna band.

According to an article over on Cnet by Joe Aimonetti, Apple Support Discussion forums member Dayvidpriddy says… “I received my black bumper about a week ago now. Took off the bumper tonight to clean my phone down and there are scratch marks on the steel band from the bumper (this is caused from the pieces of hard plastic on the underside of the bumper.”

While another forum user, richiebarthez suggest that Apple has acknowledged this possibility and will replace the handset; he posts…”Apple replaced the handset and admitted the inside of the bumper was very sharp inside. They gave me a new iPhone 4 and new bumper.”

That said, one would presume that a specific Apple designed case for the iPhone 4 wouldn’t damage the actually handset, however this doesn’t appear to be the case. So have any of our iPhone 4 toting readers experienced this antenna band scuffing issue, if so feel free to shout out in our comments area below.

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