Chrome to iPhone Plays Nice with iOS Devices

There’s a new extension available of Google’s Chrome to Phone which enables Android user to sent links and info from Chrome to their Android device, and this new extension is Chrome to iPhone.

According to an article over on Cnet by Josh Lowensohn, and by way of Google Extensions, developer Tom Lerendu has developed an extension called Chrome to iPhone which delivers the same type of convenience to iPhone user as Chrome to Phone does for Android.

Although Chrome to iPhone doesn’t offer the same integrations as the Android version as with Chrome to iPhone, the links and info don’t pop up in the browser therefore the iPhone user needs to save a “personalised” link to their Safari bookmarks or their iOS home screen.

The Android Chrome to Phone requires users to be running Android 2.2 Froyo to work, but now it appears that the iPhone will have something of a one up on Android users running less than Android 2.2 with the availability of Chrome to iPhone.

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