M-Dress Fashionable silk Jersey Dress with Built-in Mobile Phone

If you love fashionable dresses and mobile phones then you will adore the new coming soon M-Dress, this is an elegant silk jersey dress with built-in mobile phone technology.

Many ladies will love this dress because it takes a standard SIM card, which means the wearer can make and receive phone calls, and no you do not need a mobile phone in your purse or pocket.

A dress that is mobile phone free is a very good idea if you ask us, many of us misplaces a mobile phone but ladies come on you cannot misplace a dress that you are wearing unless you are naked lol.

The people behind the dress is none other than CuteCircuit, a mobile phone dress built into soft fabric that looks stunning it beyond belief but it is here and it will be available soon (Well hopefully). There is a small SIM Card slot under the label of the dress and soon as you have inserted the SIM it is ready for use.

If the dress rings all you need to do is simply raise your arm towards your ear and hey presto you are on the phone, hand-gestures to answer your call is amazing technology, when the gesture is made a sensor opens the call, to end the call just release your hand back to normal and the call has ended.

Please let us know what you think of the M-Dress with built-in mobile phone technology.

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