Google Voice Booths Bring a Touch of Old England

Well now, it seems that the Google guys want to give certain places in the USA a touch of the old UK with Google Voice booths which closely resemble the old traditional red telephone boxes seen in England of old as we don’t actually have many of them over here anymore.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Andrew Munchbach, and by way of an article over on Techcrunch, Google will be dropping these GV booths at airports and college campuses over the coming weeks.

Apparently the reason for the old fashioned red telephone box style GV booths is so that people can become more familiar with Google Voice and see how Google Voice call quality compares against the more traditional landline calling.

Well I guess it will at least keep a piece of nostalgic Britain alive and kicking in the States at least, and who knows perhaps over here we’ll see the red phone box make a comeback. Google has also stated they will release more details over the coming weeks.

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