Droid X Running SMS Replier App Demo Video

Isn’t it annoying when you are doing something and you get interrupted by a text message and you have to pick up your smartphone and type out a reply when you don’t have the time. Well apparently the SMS Replier application can take care of the nuisance for you.

So what we have for you today is a demonstration of the SMS Replier app running on the Motorola Droid X smartphone for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Jason Chen over at Gizmodo.

Basically what SMS Replier does is automatically sends out a text message to anyone who texts or calls you while you are otherwise engaged, whether you be in a meeting, or even driving. SMS Replier features DriveReply which replies to texts and calls letting them know you are driving and thus leaves you to concentrate on the road.

You can customise the replies to suit your needs, sop a reply could say “in a meeting” and also set the length of time that message will be sent for. The best way to check out SMS Replier which is available for Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry is to hit up the demo video below…enjoy.


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  1. smsreplier says:

    How come there arent more post on here? This is a great product …. this is like something eveyone should have to have. No one should be talking our texting when in the car i almost got sideswiped by someone doin that and that made me almost want to commit road rage! I downloaded i make suggestion who ever see's this does zsame. I wish i could have been the one who thoht of this! so check it out http://www.smsreplier.com or not and be a bone head wishing road rage upon yourself.

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