HTC Desire Android 2.2 Update Delayed by Orange

If you are an Orange customer with an HTC Desire smartphone hoping to gain the Android 2.2 update, the word is your hopes and dreams are being dashed yet again for a little while at least.

According to an article over on Techradar by Gareth Beavis, the Orange has used Twitter to confirm that they will be taking longer to push out the Android 2.2 update to the HTC Desire. The reason being HTC is taking way too long to make available the Froyo package.

The Orange tweet said…”Android fans: there has been a delay in receiving the 2.2 Froyo update from HTC, and we now expect it to be available mid-September. Apologies.”

So it looks like Orange HTC Desire customers still have a couple of weeks to wait until they gain Android 2.2 Froyo, which to be fair isn’t that long a wait, so don’t worry you will get it eventually.


8 thoughts on “HTC Desire Android 2.2 Update Delayed by Orange”

  1. abdullah says:

    Dear Orange and Desire Users

    The word to me from HTC directly is that they have already released the Group update to Orange. Now it is upto Orange when they will give to us.

    I don’t know why Orange here is blaming HTC for the delay.


    Orange Htc Desire user

  2. jerome says:

    Does anybody really believe Orange honestly there in an office Somewere putting on loads of bloatware games demo’s removing gtalk to put c**ppy messenger on instead .if Orange put a Orange logo on and some Orange wallpaper and left well alone as Google and HTC intended we would of had it weeks ago as did Orange,we check to make sure it works correctly with our network and all the rubbish we put on is to enhance user enjoyment.

    Well Tosh I say like to say something else to much of a gent if you take out a contract with carphonewarehouse as did me two mates me been the twit in the bunch and getting mine through orange ,by the way the two mates took out panther contracts with orange but because they did it in the carphonewarehouse got generic phones .

    Guess wat they both hot the update the beginning of august and low and behold it workday perfect on the orange network with no interference from orange .

  3. jerome says:

    Adam I think you must have either a unbranded phone from a third party or your confusing the 2.1 update with a software update .range have not realeased it case there putting all there rubbish on it.wish Google would stop them.wouldn’t get away with it on a I phone far enough you pay but so what rather pay a five than have to wait months for the operator wait any long going to gold card and demand the f**ker loose warranty though.

  4. Kevin says:

    To be fair i don't think it is that hard to see what jerome is saying. I think he means this:

    Does anybody believe Orange? Honestly, there must be an office somewhere putting on loads of bloatware, games, demos, and removing gtalk to put c**ppy messenger on instead. If Orange simply put a Orange logo on and some Orange wallpaper and left it at that, as Google and HTC intended, we would have had the Android 2.2 update weeks ago. Orange had the update weeks ago, and they could simply check to make sure it works correctly with their network instead of putting all the rubbish on which they will claim is there to enhance user enjoyment.

    Well, Tosh I say (I am tempted to use stronger language but I am too much of a gent). I took my contract out directly through Orange whereas my two mates got theirs through Carphonewarehouse. I now feel that i was the twit of the three of us because they got Panther contracts with Orange and yet now have generic (unlocked) phones.

    And guess what! They both got the update at the beginning of August, and Lo and Behold! it works perfectly on the Orange network with no intervention from Orange.

  5. jerome says:

    Sorry about the grammar and spelling , sitting in a car going through the back roads of northumberland at the time ( I wasn’t driving ) .

    To raise the point again Orange have still not realised the update o2 have and withdrew it straight away as they had messed around with it causing a loading issue .

    How’s my grammar

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