Another Samsung Galaxy S Device Coming 16th Sept?

Old Sammy has sent out some invites for a gathering on the 16th of September in New York, which apparently will herald a new “Android powered device” along with the official unveiling of the Samsung Media Hub.

First thoughts turn to Sammy officially announcing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, however according to Florin of Unwired View, as far a he is aware, the Samsung Galaxy Tab isn’t a Galaxy S device and is being officially announced at IFA in Berlin tomorrow,

Thus if the new “Android powered device” isn’t the Samsung Tab, it is possible we could see a new Samsung Galaxy S smartphone being announced on the 16th of this month, then again it may not be of course.

Other than Sammy unveiling another Samsung Galaxy S smartphone to play along with the rest of the Galaxy S family, anyone care to take a wild guess at just what Sammy might offer on the 16th?


3 thoughts on “Another Samsung Galaxy S Device Coming 16th Sept?”

  1. Charles says:

    I heard previously that the next generation Galaxy phone won't be out until next year, so while it could of course be a new super-powered Galaxy phone, i think it's more likely to be a cut-down Galaxy phone with a lower price point to match. This would allow more people to get in on the Galaxy brand name and increase its reach even further.

    However, from a tech point of view that wouldn't be too exciting. What i'd love to hear them announce is a Galaxy S android tablet at 10", as an alternative to their 7" Galaxy Tab. I know, this would just be weird, releasing 2 tablets under different branding. But they do need to get a 10" tablet out there at some point and the sooner the better

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