Droid X Battery Pull Tab Confusion Cleared Up

Apparently there has been a little confusion over the Droid X battery pull tab, mainly whether the user should actually yank the pull tab off, which also apparently led to rumours that in doing so the user would void the Droid X warranty.

Well according to an article over on Droid-life by Kellex, and by way of Android Central, that little issue has now been cleared up by Motorola by new Droid X smartphones now sporting a newly designed battery pull tab which shows the user not to remove or cut.

Seems a little silly to me as obviously the pull tab is there to ease the removal of the battery and not to be pulled right off, why on earth would Motorola put a tab that needs to be removed for no reason? They didn’t and it doesn’t.

So all you Droid X users out there that may have been somewhat puzzled, just use the tab to extract the battery and don’t pull it all the way off.

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