iPhone Control via Your Mind with XWave?

Ah the never-ending advancements of technology, not too long ago you had to actually tap physical buttons to get your mobile phone to work, then along came touch screen tech which had basically done away with the need physical buttons, and now tech goes even further in the smartphone world by not needing to touch your device.

Well according to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, and by way of PLXwave, whereby the have now released headgear which the user plugs into their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and once they have the hang of it, it will enable the user to control their device via their mind.

Seems like science fiction doesn’t it, apparently the PLX wave headgear uses the NeuroSky tech that has been seen before and will comes with several applications such as a dedicated training app, a music controller, a game and an “Om Meditation Timer.”

Apparently you’ll even be able to create your own applications with the device’s SDK. You can order the device online as of right now with a deliver in October for $100, and if anyone does purchase this feel free to drop us a comment of how you get along.

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