Samsung AMOLED Shortages is Thing of the Past Next Year

We all know there is a shortage of Samsung AMOLED displays as Sammy struggles to keep up with demand for their much sought after displays, with some smartphone makers opting to switch from Samsung AMOLED to other displays.

However, Samsung isn’t going to let potential revenue slip away that easily as according to an article over on Mobile Crunch by Simon Chester, Samsung has spoken to the Wall Street Journal and said that their new Mobile Display plant which should open in July of next year should make shortages of their AMOLED displays a thing of the past.

According to Samsung they expect to up production of the AMOLED displays from the current thee million a month to a staggeringly high thirty million per month which is a 10 fold increase in production rate.

If Sammy can attain that 30 million a month figure they believe that the company will be able to meet the estimated 700 million AMOLED display demand expected in 2015, and that is a lot of display production.

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