Verizon iPhone, Could it Kill Off Android?

Currently Verizon Wireless is doing pretty well with their Droid family of smartphones, but still there are calls for Apple to deliver on a Verizon iPhone, so would a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 damage Android on the Big Red?

According to an article over on Huliq by Serge Francois, quite possibly as he says if Apple dropped AT&T’s exclusivity over the iPhone, Android rapid growth would start to see a “rapid decline.”

The reason is if Apple delivered the Verizon iPhone, the device would be one of the biggest selling smartphones the carrier could offer and overshadow most of the smartphones in the Big Red’s line up.

Apparently he’s isn’t the only one with that opinion as he quotes, MG Siegler of Techcrunch…”I know a number of people who are Android users simply because of the iPhone/AT&T restriction. If and when the devices comes to Verizon, they will jump ship”.

So we’d like to know if any of our Android toting readers would “jump ship” to grab the Verizon iPhone if it ever appears, and do you think that if the Verizon iPhone materialises it would kill off Android?


4 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone, Could it Kill Off Android?”

  1. currentloop says:

    The only people who think a Verizon iPhone will kill off Android devices are Apple fanboys. Will there be a hit? Sure! However once pent-up demand in CDMAland and anti-AT&Tville are met, things will moderate again.

    However, remember the names of goofballs who see this as a black & white issue. These are the people you should never listen to again for advice.

  2. Jambo says:

    Absolutely. If Verizon gets the Iphone, all bets are off. That's not to say that Android isn't a worthy system, but I would wager that there's many people who use Android only because they cannot get an iphone on Verizon, and they don't wish to switch to AT&T.

  3. Christian says:

    I think that a Verizon iPhone would hurt Android sales pretty significantly. I myself love Android and wouldn’t go for the CDMA IPhone. The iPhone is a pretty cool phone, but I’ve really grown to love the Android phones and market. I have the Droid Eris now and am eagerly awaiting the new line up in 2011.

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