Nokia N8 Night Time HD Video Sample

The latest smartphone to make it out of the Nokia camp is of course the much hyped Symbian^3 packing Nokia N8, and every Nokia fan out there wants to know more on the device; thus we have a video sample for your viewing pleasure today.

The Nokia N8 video sample comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Blog-n8, lasts just 35 seconds and delivers a nice look at the Nokia N8 HD video capture at night time.

You have to give it to the Nokia N8, that HD night time video sample does look good, the bridge is as clear as crystal and the refection of the lights in the water add a nice touch to show the smartphones HD video capabilities.

So to check out that Nokia N8 HD night time video sample, head on down, hit that play button and enjoy. Any of our readers hoping to grab the Nokia N8 once it hits?


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