A Nokia Phone for Star Trek Fans: Video

Star Trek is kind of a big thing in the science fiction world and many things come out for the Star Trek fan to collect, but what we have here for your viewing pleasure today is what Nokia had made but never released, the Nokia Communicator.

The Star Trek Communicator video comes our way courtesy of Vlad Savov of Engadget and by way of Trek Movie, and shows off 1 of 14 Nokia Star Trek prototypes which were built by Nokia, and no doubt every ardent Star Trek fan would give their right arm to get hold of.

Apparently the Nokia Star Trek Communicator is constructed around a Nokia N76 and features an external LCD, multitude of lights front and of course that heavy brass grill which is synonymous with the original Star Trek communicator device of the original series.

Furthermore the device is a fully functional phone and the dream of a Star Trek fan is naturally it comes complete with classic Star Trek chirping when flipped open. So check out that Nokia Star Trek Communicator video below and enjoy. By the way Nokia, wrong decision not to go ahead with this one as I’m fairly sure the mass of Star Trek fans would have wanted one.


2 thoughts on “A Nokia Phone for Star Trek Fans: Video”

  1. Crazy only 14 made! Definitely a trekkies phone, would love to get my hands on one of these handsets by Nokia. It's a pity they didn't put that much effort into the phone from what I can tell on the review! Still good novelty value.

  2. Looking at this star trek phone makes me wonder why were not flooded with low tech themed phones how many trekI typ phones can you think of let’s not bore everyone naming them but wow its alot and I think they sell so the question is why aren’t we ?

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