Facebook Places UK Launch Today

Last Month the US saw the launch of Facebook Places, a service which enables users to check in at places such as shops, bars, restaurants and the like. Well no that same check in service has been launched in the UK.

According to an article over on The Telegraph by Emma Barnett, Facebook Places launches in the UK today and will roll out to everyone in the United Kingdom over the next few days.

The product manager of Facebook Places, Michael Sharon has said…“Our products are modelled on how people are already using the site… We realised people were already posting where they were and who they were with every day.”

Users of the iPhone can check in via their Facebook application or via touch.facebook.com which will give access to the tool, and according to Sharon, Facebook Places will be rolled out across Europe “as soon as possible,” and plans on launching the service to other smartphone platforms such as Android in the not too distant future.

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