Windows Phone 7 GSM Only 2010, CDMA Delayed Till 2011

If you are a customer using a carrier that is CDMA in the states such as Verizon Wireless, and waiting to grab a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphone when they hit, it appears that you are way out of luck this year.

The reason being according to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, and by way of Cnet, Greg Sullivan, Microsoft’s senior product manager has said that Microsoft is to delay the roll out of CDMA version Windows Phone 7 devices until 2011.

So basically the its only GSM Windows Phone 7 smartphones that will be available in 2010, which means you’ll only be able to grab a WP7 device on AT&T and T-Mobile and the announcement apparently follows a statement made by the Big Red that they would not include any Windows Phone 7 devices in their lineup until 2011.

Microsoft has given priority to the GSM network over CDMA due to GSM having a larger global subscriber base. However a CDMA version of Windows Phone 7 is still in production and has been scheduled for a release during the first half of next year.

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