Windows Phone 7 Samsung Cetus i917 Captured on Video

The video footage of Windows Phone 7 packing smartphone just keeps on hitting the net waves these days, and now the Windows Phone 7 Samsung Cetus i917 has been captures in action on video, which we have for your viewing pleasure below.

The Samsung Cetus i917 video comes our way courtesy of Sean Hollister of Engadget and by way of the guys over at MSDN Channel 9, and lasts just over the minute mark and shows us the Samsung Cetus i917 being users by Windows Phone 7 program manager Charlie Kindel.

Apparently the Windows Phone 7 device has a “fairly sophisticated” home control system whereby it can control a garage door opener, the lights in a house, thermostats and the like all handled by web services.

So rather than me go on all about what Kindel had to say, I’ll simply let you head on down to that Windows Phone 7 Samsung Cetus i917 video, mash play and enjoy.


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  1. Mellanie says:


    The GUI runs so smoothly. I also like how it has header text, rather than squinting at stupid tiny letters all squashed up in a window box! I sometimes think interface designers are designing for desktop PC's, rather than a small screen on a phone!

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