Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android Mobile Review, Update and Problems

The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android mobile phone discussion corner, that is what we want to call this as a place for all our readers to come and visit and post all comments, personal reviews and of course any problems you have encountered.

We would love for you to let us know all about current updates you have installed and future updates that you would like, here is a quick recap on the latest update news: if you have been sitting there in Spain and India patiently waiting o the new Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Galaxy S smartphone we are afraid you will have to sit there a little longer, according to GSMArena the update has been delayed, October is the expected month for release now.

What we can tell you about the Samsung Galaxy S i9000: On the positive side of things the handset has a very fast 1GHz processor, quality 4-inch Super AMOLED display and 16GB built-in memory, not forgetting 2GB reserved for apps, it can make video calls and a camera that supports 720p video recording. On the negative side of things, there is no camera flash and a new update is needed.

Anyway please do send in your personal reviews and anything else you wish to say or ask about the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android mobile phone.


42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Android Mobile Review, Update and Problems”

  1. This is a pretty cool Android Phone – I like seeing Samsung getting more into Android for example with their new Android tablet pc (the "Galaxy Tab").
    I hope more manufacturers follow suit to make more interesting Android tablets and phones.

  2. Pete Carden says:

    Livid UK user! Came home form work, opened up Kies – Firmware Upgrade Available! Great I thought, so exitedly i connected my phone, and eargerly awaited the Android 2.2 software to appear on my phone. I followed every single instruction given as I started the process thinking to myself "great! They have really thought about the user and making this easy to perform". Download began, download finished, Decrypting Binary Files, Decompressing Binary Files, then…..'press next to upgrade'!! The excitement was building to fever pitch now! "The upgrade had started" WOO HOO! I thought…

  3. Pete Carden says:

    ……15 minutes later, the status bar had still not moved……30 minutes minutes later "failed to convert to upgrade mode. please try later" That would be the kiss of death then!! For 4 hours i have been trying to recover my phone! Restore firmware options et all all give the same response..Failed to Convert….please try later!! How much later is later???? I rely on my phone for work, and now it does absolutely nothing except show a picture of an android man digging a hole!! I AM FUMING!! Have frantically serached the Samsung sites but absolutely no help or advice there! THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! Please do not become as unreliable as the iPhone! Besides any of that, what am I supposed to do now!?!?!? Help anyone ….PLEASE

    1. kapil says:

      2 month ago i faced the same problem. The phone did not boot and i was left with the GALAXY S intro screen.Then i searched for anroid 2.1 software but was not able to find it insted i got the unofficial froyo 2.2 and updated my phone to froyo 2.2 and its now working fine try to do the same.Try searching for froyo 2.2 and the method to install it.

    2. guest says:

      I have exactly the same situation on my vibrant t mobile, trying to upgrade in India. I got rid of the greenman by restarting the phone. Fortunately the old 2.1 was still active and working fine. Still lost on how to upgrade though!

  4. Brian says:

    HI Pete, I have been waiting for this update for a while now, unfortunately I have not been able to connect my phone to the internet via Kies due to my whole frickin line being down. I am sorry to hear that you are having a problem updating to froyo. So is the kies recover phone option not working for you? Man this sounds bad.


  5. markyboy says:

    Did you recover your phone, and did you find out if the update was froyo ? I tried last night, and there was nothing. Whats more frustrating for me, is still there is no update as to wether uk users can upgrade end of sept or end of oct, its extremely frustrating, as i just want to know either way, as the so called official twiiter from samsung has gone awfully quiet

  6. Leonard says:

    Hi Pete, you could you try acting dumb and try returning the phone under warranty. All your info on the phone is likely to be gone anyway. Let the repair guys at the shop figure that one out. They should give you a replacement.

  7. Fran says:

    A quick question. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 phone last week. Its a super phone to use however I noticed that it was not maintaining a constant connection to any of the wireless accessories being it be the WiFi, GPS, or Bluetooth. It was when my friends at work when calling me stated that I was being rude and rejecting their calls. Which I was not doing. They explained that when they were calling me the could hear the phone ringing then it would cut off. This was at a time when I had full signal which on occasion drop just like the WiFi etc.
    I took it back to the shop where I purchased it and the gentleman there having spent an hour reproducing the problems stated that is the way the phones are made " That they do That. Its normal."
    I find it hard to believe a phone so good dropping connections like that. Is that normal as the man said??
    Also I noted that the the phone is supposed to have an 8gb internal memory card but the phone is stating that this is only 5.6GB, The same is true for the RAM, its supposed to be 512mb but its only showing 3.6mb max.
    I would be grateful for any advice or direction you could give me regarding the above queries.
    Best Regards
    Frank G.

    1. Barb Van Acker says:

      I have the same problem and mine also turns off when not in use for more than a few minutes. Very very frustrating….. this is my second one, the first one was with same problem of disconnecting during a call,

  8. StuJ says:

    I've had a Samsung Galaxy S for about two months. I think it's a fabulous device – the screen is superb BUT I have an intermittent fault from day 1 with the screen just going black for periods of time for up to half an hour – the phone is still on and if I guess where the "button" is on the screen I can answer calls. So far as i can determine there is no trigger for the fault and rebooting doesn't fix it although sometimes plugging the charger is does help. Miraculously the screen suddeny comes back of its own volition some time later! It's now going back for "repairs" but I shall miss it! Anyone else had this?

    1. F Stewart says:

      Hi Stu, yes I have had exactly the same problem – the screen going black quite frequently. This culminating in the phone refusing to switch on when I depressed the 'on' button – I could sometimes get it to switch on when I plugged in the charger which seemed to kick start it into life. It would also switch itself on in the middle of the night. I have finally taken it back to vodafone who have sent it off to be looked at. Otherwise I love the phone – one of the things that was pointed out to me when I took it back was that it did obviously have a separate problem but that also I was using an old style SIM card and that you need to update your SIM to use with a phone like this – to make it run quicker. I didn't know this – probably being a muppet – but if any of you are having problems and using and old SIM card it might be worth changing it.

  9. matthew skidmore says:

    The S stands for shit Battery charging is taking three hours what should it be ? this just so crap, shit, rubbish, waste of my time. Good phone battery i will return this to vodafone tomorrow i will be on the phone last phone 15 minutes this a joke on point getting in car charger tomorrow i will have to drive for three hours to charge it. Did i say the battery in my phone it shit only had it two days standby time 3G 576h and call times 3G 6 h 30 min are listed. Phone fully charged at 18:00 hours friday i was messing with the phone trying it out for two hours 19:00 >21:00 sent five texts radio 22:30>23:30 today saturday 25/9/2010 two or three short calls phone dead by 15:00 did i say how fed up i am with samsung i wish i got a htc desire me thinks. Any comments please post. samsung take note very unhappy customer if i don't get any answers tomorrow phone is going back
    ps charging time is not in the hand book with the phone how useful is that !!!!!

  10. Adrian Smith says:

    My Galaxy received yesterday goes back today..great looks and probably great software but…dropping connection whilst transferring files and / or sync with Outlook ?? Kies freezes too at random ?? Samsung gave me "latest" drivers, etc.. and still no joy ..what is worse than copying say mp3 files to it and it suddenly goes non-responsive then dead ( but not fully off just like someone describes above)
    Mass storage needs Mounting everytime you connect ?? and costs hundreds of pounds ???!!
    Not for me no matter the looks and the amoled business..my nokia 5800 and Ovi work like a dream.

  11. bugslayer says:

    Samsung Galaxy S i9000 international version:
    Display & sound are beautiful. This is the best speaker phone I have heard. A normal headphone set does not work, must use the one that ships with but, they are nice earbuds with mic & on/off button in-line. These Samsung headphone will not work in my other phones either. Samsung apps were a disappointment – all except for the calendar and alarm which are stellar Swype keyboard is amazing but, the swype option key replaces the microphone button you found on keyboard in nexus one. The charger plugs into the top which, i find inconvenient to use while plugged in. Charger port has a sliding cover for protection. The WiFi does not reconnect after the phone awakes from sleep using WPA2. Even after 20 min of use the WiFi disconnects. Have to stop & start wifi to reconnect. cameras are great but there is no flash. I think samsung-android interfaceis limited and use LauncherPro to make it look more like nexus one. The drop down notifications has the power control panel which, is nice. battery life is worse than my iphone 3gs, iphone 4 & nexus one. It lasts 8-10 hours with limited phone use, with low brightness, high WiFi use and no GPS use. Lasts 4-6 hours of constant phone calls.

  12. Leisa says:

    hi all, new to the galaxy s. have found under running apps something called axt9ime….what's this???? it has been running for over 30 hrs and i have no idea how to stop it??

    Some help please

  13. fred says:

    Wheres the 2.2 update ffs ~ Also right smart phone battery is crap as mentioned previously ~ Crashes randomly ~ No skype over wifi ~ Cant connect to computer with out xtra software so carrry card reader now ~ Cant calibrate screen ~ Loads of functions if the battery lasts which it doesnt

  14. Matt says:

    At first I really liked the phone, but now I'm so fed up with it, after 4 months of using it I hate it more and more why you may ask?

    1. The screen is not scratch resistant and made from wax – scratches if your nail touches it!

    2. The back cover is cheap rubbish plastic and also scratches easily

    3. The camera is about as useful as a blind man trying to guide you round a racetrack if the conditions are not bright sunlight!

    4. The touchscreen seems to get less and less responsive each day

    5. Constantly crashes and have to wait 30seconds for the GUI to sort itself out

    6. If you have a lot of text messages stored on the phone, it does really stupid things like send messages to the wrong person half way through a text conversation

    7. The text entry is hopeless, on webpages if you select a text area to enter some text, then start writing but want to move the cursor to change a word you entered wrong its impossible to get the cursor where you want it without at least 5 attempts

    8. Automatically links your contacts by default so if you delete a contact from your phone it also deletes that contact from your googlemail account!!!!

    9. The screen really isn't anywhere near as good as the iPhone 4 in bright sun

    10. Battery life is hopeless, if you have bluetooth, wifi or GPS on, you'll be lucky to get a few hours of use… Sat nav uses battery like no tomorrow

    11. Most people typically use the phone in portrait mode, but at some angles of using the phone it auto-switches to landscape mode and isn't senstive to changing back to portrait mode and you have to shake it to get it to realise what direction its being held!

    12. I could go on and on and on… Wish I'd spent the extra £150 for an iPhone 4, guess you get what you pay for, this phone is annoying to use and the number of times I've been so close to launching it across the room with frustration is unbelieveable… I'm seriously considering getting my old Nokia 6700 out of the cupboard because this is a hopeelss waste of time not very smartphone!

    1. I hear this! Im in Australia have had it for 5 months and OMFG I want to throw it at a wall!

      Slow, unresponsive, back button does not work, it resets itself, typing using the keyboard is like using an electronic typewriter at times, wifi is rubbish and does not stay connected or connect when I tell it to! Kies is useless and the update did not go through for me either! My apps (facebook, tweetdeck, plume, twitter, tumblr, foursquare and shopping list – No games because it is too slow) all freeze and require force closesI I wish I waited and got an Iphone 4!

      Thanks for nothing Samsung

    2. Oh yeah forgot to mention… when I got one of my very first text messages the little pull down menu said it was from my boss' wife. when I went into my messages it was from my sister… opposite ends of the address book! go figure!

    3. Lee says:

      i completely agree with everything youve said there and i wish i paid the 150 extra for the iphone.
      I too have been close to launching mine across the room, ive held back so many times, but today i just gave in and smashed the screen in, now ive got to make an insurance claim on it after just 4 months. its the worst phone ive ever had.

  15. Paul Sampson says:

    On my second Galaxy S both have been equaly poor, very slow to download apps, Internet, Utube, vid on utube small pic very grainy like 1950s TV. Phone back in box writing this on my 3GS, it just works.

  16. Joe Henriques says:

    I've had my Galaxie S GT-I9000M for about a week and so far I love it. But I can't figure out how to use my Plantronics Voyager Pro Blutooth Headset with this phone. I had no problems using it with my BlackBerry Pearl 8230. I pressed a button and when prompted I would say "call so and so" and it would do it. Does anybody know how to do this? The headset is paired with the phone.

    1. Sylvester47 says:

      you have to set up your contacts on the phone by speaking their name into their profile I.E if you have a contact called Joe set his profile to voice dial by recording his name "JOE"
      the phone is probably not recognising your voice command, as it has not been set to.

  17. Samsung says:

    Having a very weird problem with the phone!
    When I sent text messages, the time associated with the message will be correct to my local time. However, when I receive a message, the time associated with the messgae will ALWAYS be 5 hours late. Ex. I send a text message to a friend at 5 PM, it will say sent at 5 PM. However, when my friend texts me back a minute later, it will actually say 12:01 PM instead of 5:01 PM. I don't know how to fix this problem…. can someone help?

  18. hahadodos says:

    all of you are a bunch of whining wienies. If you would just pay attention and use the phone as is you would not have any problems. If you don't know how to upgrade/use the phone LEARN.

    1. NotHappy says:

      I've learnt how to use the phone AND I've recently updated (2 weeks ago) but the phone is now worse than ever! Takes an age to respond when I press any button (messages, contacts or even an app). The motion sensor works when it wants to. The screen goes black for at least 30 seconds when anyone calls. The button's stick when dialing. It is truly an awful phone. Just hope its still covered with the warranty!

  19. bumble says:

    Hi. loved the Galaxy S initially. Always had nokia N series or iphone. However, recently when I text it will occassionally decide to send the text to someone else in my address book. For instance, my young daughter text to say she loved me. I sent a text resounding her comment using her link in my message thread….only for it to decide to send it to my brother in law…..a bit of a shock! It also decides to go blank for a few minutes and then comes back on. It changes my ring tones as it pleases, and sometimes changes my low volume setting to high. Needless to say it is currently back with the phone shop where it has been for 2 weeks and counting.

  20. Clare says:

    Wondering if anyone can help! I received a txt but for some reason its not showing in messages but is in the scroll down menu instead! Tried everything i can think of to get rid but no joy. Still showin that i have a txt message ..but no message. Help!!!

  21. Diane says:

    hi all, i have a serious problem with my galaxy s, i love the phone but today i lost all my sounds and ringtones, phone can't ring so if i am not holding it for the vibration i don't know if anyone calls…any advice on how to fix this and no i did not do a backup i have not had the phone very long so nothing to back up

  22. mandy says:

    i am not impressed as have only had phone 16 weeks and phone would not charge taken it back to o2 who have sent it away and have been told it due to misuse and is un economical to repair. i have only plugged the blooming charger in think i am capable of doing that – read on websites this is a common fault – can anyone give me some advice now stuck with a 2 year contract and no phone

  23. zozzer says:

    Ive had mine for 1 month and i love it! but i dropped it 20cm onto a wooden table and the internal screen smashed…..i have to pay £175 to have it fixed, im not loving that! i would expect i phone to be a bit tougher.

  24. Adriaan says:

    The Galaxy S is not so bad i did read through some of the comments here is what i found
    1. The screan is really good if you find that its difficult to see whats on the screen adjust the brightness
    that solve it because the default setting is average.
    2. The camera are very good it has good panorama stitching software for a cellphone just remember
    this is still a phone if you are unhappy buy a camera.
    3.To charge the phone faster just switch it off when charging it helps i'm sure you are not a receptionist
    that are constantly on a phone.
    4.If you want to upgrade DO IT FROM THE SAMSUNG WEBSITE it will give you the latest software eg. KIES
    5.Get a cover for your phone it's really nice and gives you beter grip and helps for slipping out of your pocket.
    6.By switching of the apps that you don't use and the turning down the screen brightness helps saving your
    battery i live in sunny South Africa and it's still bright enough at CLOSE to it's lowest setting.
    7.It helps to read as much about any product before buying it or check it out first i normally rather read the
    negative or not so good stuff to see if i could live with it or not.
    8.Version 2.3 is called Gingerbread and version 3.0 is called Honeycomb but its designed more for Tablets
    eg. screens that are 4 and 4+ inches.
    9. Remove any apps that you don't use it helps a lot.
    10.Enjoy your phone the more you read about it the more you will see it's good for the phone and yourself.

  25. Khalid says:

    Hi all, having a serious charging problem with my galaxy won't charge at all tried restarting, removing the battery without success. Anyone with a solution please help!!

  26. i have galaxy i9000. but few week ago i am suffering from the charging problem. when i charge with usb it charges but when i charge with supply charger it doesn´t . can anyone give me the solution about this problem…….. its requst………

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    I was watching tv show on GLOBAL. There was discussed endless defects and problems with Samsung Captivate S (cell phone that I received from Rogers as hardware update ).During few months that I have this cell phone Rogers replaced about 10 cell phones because of different endless defects /problems: or the phone became hot like a stove and the battery ending in one hour, or the reception was extremely poor, or the phone shuts off by himself, or the phone gets black-out and I lose all my personal data, or the last phone that I received today – is not communicating with my PC.
    On the TV show all this issues were discussed and advised to companies that are carrying this brand to recall this cell phone. I am strongly agree with this and I waiting for Rogers to address and resolve this ongoing problems with this cell phone.

  28. Farah says:

    OMG! Absolutely shocking phone (Samsung Galaxy S). Here goes:
    – Rubbish KIES software does not work properly
    – Phone constantly freezes and switches itself off at will
    – Predictive text dictionary appears to have been written by aliens – I type the word ‘and’, it guess ‘abduction’ – Well hey, at least abduction is an English word or in fact a word in any dictionary. The majority of words which it guesses are a mere random jumble of letters.
    – Text messages change to multimedia messages if your message length goes over a certain limit, and there’s nothing that you can do to stop this…apart from starting a new message. And then you get charged extra and to top that, not all phones can read the message.
    – Battery life rubbish – it dies after about one hour on the phone
    – Better reception without the cover on! Enough said
    – Refuses to auto connect to my car Bluetooth without a lot of manual intervention
    – The phone is not intuitive. You can’t for instance look your friend’s name up and then hit the green key to call them. You have to look them up, click inside another box and then select to call them…all at snail-pace speed aswell, which always helps.
    – Absolutely fed up of this joke of a phone. What a bloody waste of time, space and most of all money!

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