Android Unified App Design Tools for Developers with UI Utilities Project

One of the main reasons why iOS applications look good on the iPhone is due to iOS developers using a unified toolset to enable them to create the app interface, but now the Android platform application could gain the same thing.

According to an article over on Android Central, it looks like Android will be getting a unified toolset with the announcement of the Android UI project which is available from Design X Code, and although still in beta it offers a set of templates and tools that look easy to use and follows the Android design guidelines.

At the moment the Android UI Utilities includes standalone icon templates in .psd format, online resource making tool named Android Asset Studio that makes all types of app graphics from existing images, and templates for Pencil the popular design and UI prototyping tool.

Apparently more is being planned by the developers, and if you are into developing Android applications on a professional scale or just a budding app maker, Android UI Utilities is something worth looking into.

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