iPhone 4 HTML5 Performance Outclassed By Nexus One?

You’d think that after all the commotion between Apple and Adobe over Flash and Steve Jobs lording it up over HTML5 being far better than Adobe Flash, and setting aside the obvious dislike Jobs has for Flash, you’d think that HTML5 on the iPhone 4 would be the best you could get performance wise.

However, that doesn’t appear to be the case, as according to an article over on Android Police by Aaron Gingrich, HTML5 performance on the iPhone 4 has been outclassed by none other than the Android toting Google Nexus One.

This was found out by developer Christopher Black who created a simple HTML5 benchmark, which was simply a black bouncing ball that he ran on the iPhone 4, Nexus One and iPod Touch 4G, and the results of said benchmark test came out quite surprising.

The benchmark showed that the Nexus One ran the animation 81 percent faster than the iPhone 4 and 67 percent faster than the iPod Touch 4G, and furthermore the Android Nexus One continued to render the ball when zooming, apparently something the iOS touting Apple handsets failed to do.

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