Windows Phone 7 May Feature Copy And Paste

The copy and paste feature seems to be a big thing with today’s smartphones, and more often than not a smartphone doesn’t come with a copy and paste from the outset, if you remember it was one of the most sought after features for the iPhone.

However, when it comes to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, things may be a little different. According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, the head of the Developer Experience team for Windows Phone 7, Brandon Watson appears to have confirmed by Twitter that a developer focused announcement to do with Windows Phone 7 will come today.

Watson’s tweet seems to hint that Windows Phone 7 will have the copy and paste feature; here’s what Watson tweeted… “Launch date isn’t a feature. Copy and paste no longer counts as a “request.” We’ve heard it plenty. 😉 Answer coming tomorrow AM… #wp7dev”

So basically although we may not get an announcement of a copy and paste feature launch date it looks like support for the commands may well pop up in the Windows Phone 7 developer tools, although of course with just a tweet to go on it could well means something else, but we should know later today either way.

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