Apple iPhone 4 Qatar and UAE: Is Missing Facetime a Problem?

Qatar and UAE (United Arab Emirates) finally got the Apple iPhone 4 this weekend with one problem; the problem we are talking about is the missing FaceTime function.

The FaceTime video chat feature is one of the main features on the iPhone 4 but it is missing from iPhone’s sold in UAE at Etisalat and du, as well as those from Vodafone Qatar. Vodafone and Etisalat are in talks with Cupertino in the hope that FaceTime post-haste be reinstated.

TUAW has reported that a few UAE denizens have tested FaceTime on their iPhones that were purchased overseas and report that it works fine, but then the problems occurs when the local version of iOS 4.1 update is installed, as soon as the software is installed FaceTime function disappears.

If you are in Qatar or UAE please do let us know if you have FaceTime problems, is Missing Facetime a Problem?

Source — The National via Engadget


2 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 4 Qatar and UAE: Is Missing Facetime a Problem?”

  1. Rabih says:

    If you buy iphone 4 from Etislat or du in the UAE then facetime will be disabled through a software update from Apple. This is based on the serial number of the phone.If you buy iphone 4 from another country such as the UK or Canada then you will have facetime

  2. stonee says:

    People in Middle East cannot take the advantage of video chatting, the first version of ipad users too! rumoring that 7-inch ipad will have two cameras, that is cute thing, and I purchased ipad in july, the reason why I choose it is its convenience, actually, I’m feeling inconvenience with the 9.7-inch multi-touch screen, what’s more this problem cannot be solved like video formats limited by ipad which can defeat by video converter like ifunia and handbrake.

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