Digi iPhone 4 Problems: Malaysia Discussions

We are calling out to all Digi iPhone 4 users in Malaysia to come forward and let us know what you think of the Apple smartphone.

We want to hear about your thoughts on the iPhone 4 and of course any problems you have come across, some customers have asked why their iPhone 4 is not responding, which you can read about via Digi.com.

Have you experienced frozen or unresponsive issues? We would like to know what package plan for the iPhone 4 you chose, digi.com have plans that include iDiGi 88, iDiGi 138 and iDiGi 238.

Basically in a nutshell we wish to hear from you if you own the Digi iPhone 4, anything you have to say being it good or bad we want to know. This is a great way for us to learn from you and it will also help other phonesreview.co.uk users decide if the Digi iPhone 4 is for them.


5 thoughts on “Digi iPhone 4 Problems: Malaysia Discussions”

    1. NaTh D'ViL says:

      Apparently U have to buy a casing for it coz the aerial for signal is on the side of the phone as opposed to at the top. Try it out & let me know k. I'm thinking of getting 1 too.

  1. Fuckface says:

    This iphone 4 is totally overrated…i am an apple fan, a loyal one, i will wait n see for a white iphone 4. Hey, heard arm gonna introduce 2.4 ghz chipset next year, that would be at computer blazing speeds. However, i feel 3gs owners are being jealous with iphone 4 owners. And always condemning it… Pity, they are so jealous. White iphone 4 or 2.4 ghz ftw!

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