Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4 Using JailbreakMe: Step-by-Step Guide

We have mentioned before about the Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4 and JailbreakMe website and many readers have come across difficulties, well below we have step-by-step guide on how to use Jailbreak Me to unlock any iPhone’s running iOS 4.

Before we start we recommend you reading Helium’s Website as they have a few details and warnings about Jailbreaking and JailbreakMe.

JailbreakMe is a browser-based application that will allow you jailbreak the Apple iPhone, basically unlocking the device that will allow you to install third-party applications that are not Apple approved.

Here is the How to Jailbreak an iPhone running iOS 4:

1. Backup iPhone using iTunes, just in case a reversal of the process is needed to restore the phone to its previous state.

2. Open JailbreakMe.com in the iOS 4 iPhone using the Safari browser. Connection speed and the busy state of the website may contribute to how fast the website loads.

3. Slide the iPhone to “Slide to Jailbreak”, after which JailbreakMe starts downloading. This may take some few minutes.

4. When the download is completed, “Cydia” appears on the iPhone indicating that the phone has been completely unlocked, thereby allowing the installation of Apple unapproved software applications and themes.

5. In cases where a reversal of the unlocking action is needed, the iTunes “Restore” will do just do that only if the user had backed up before unlocking the phone.


One thought on “Jailbreak iPhone iOS 4 Using JailbreakMe: Step-by-Step Guide”

  1. Ian says:

    There is a lot more to the "step 4" mentioned here!!!
    As just pressing the "Restore" button in itunes will NOT take the iPhone back to how it was before the "Jailbreak", because itunes will want you to download the latest Firmware before it will restore your settings back onto the iPhone & that will put you on a higher "Firmware + Baseband" that might put you in a position of not being able to ever Jailbreak the iPhone again!!!

    So please do not do the "Step 4" as it will NOT put your iPhone back to how it was before the Jailbreak.

    Read more into how to use the "SHIFT + RESTORE" method & using a "Custom firmware" that matches the firmware you were on before, that is the only way you will have a chance of getting you iphone backto the original Firmware & keeping your original Baseband..

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