White iPhone 4: We need Answers Apple, Verizon Needed

The news goes on and on about the white iPhone 4 and of course the question of “Will the Apple smartphone go to Verizon?” We need answers Apple.

Apple it is about time you stopped and thought about what is happening on the big picture, customers are crying out for answers to do with the white iPhone 4 and of course will AT&T lose its exclusivity, will Verizon get the iPhone 4 CDMA and will Verizon get the iPhone 4 in white.

So many questions but never official news from Apple God Steve Jobs, we know he is holding something back and not telling us what we really want to hear, we can understand that the iPhone is having problems with the white colour but come on at least give us some sort of info as to when we will see it on the market.

We mentioned yesterday that Rogers and AT&T will be releasing the iPhone 4 in white, apparently and hopefully before Christmas 2010, we also said that the 16GB iPhone 4 in white will be with AT&T for $197 on a two-year contract that will go on sale via Walmart.

Yesterday we gave you a little information and today this article is for all dedicated Verizon iPhone waiters and of course white iPhone 4 waiters to have there say, below is the comments area that is waiting for you to say your bit, we want this to be where you come to post your questions to us and of course all others that read here.


6 thoughts on “White iPhone 4: We need Answers Apple, Verizon Needed”

  1. breloreal says:

    UGH!!! I need the white iphone 4 NOW!!! or atleast know when it will be avaliable. But what if apple decides to make the white iphone 4 avaliable only on verizon?!?!?! I just switched from verizon to at&t 5 months ago it would kill me!

  2. Mary says:

    It seems pretty harsh how apple is treating their customers. They should at least let them know what’s going on so customers won’t be bashing the brand so much. It’s one thing to make customers wait but leaving them completely clueless of what is going on is pretty cold. Apple should stop treating their customers like crap and let them know what’s up with the phone. We deserve to know especially with all the hard earned money we spend on your products.

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