Google Maps 4.5.1 Update Problems and Features

Just in case you did not know there is a brand new Google Maps update aka v4.5.1, it comes with more features.

The latest update includes Live Wallpaper with Weather, basically the new update gives you weather into live Maps wallpaper and Droid-Life says that their screenshot has actual raindrops splashing onto the screen.

If you have downloaded the new Google Maps v4.5.1 update please do let us know how you got on and if there are any other features included.

We would also like to know if you have come up with any problems at all with the update, if you visit the Google Mobile Help Forum one customer has said that they are having problems with an invalid error message on their G1 Google Phone so it will not install the update.

If you are having any problems please do post them in the comments area provided below.


One thought on “Google Maps 4.5.1 Update Problems and Features”

  1. xenotech1 says:

    after update to 4.5.1 ,Error: this app requires data plan ,I always had a data plan and previous Google maps always worked with no error?? Help, whats the fix or how do I revert?

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