Samsung Transform Pops Up in Sprint Doc But What Is It?

There seems to be a new smartphone coming to the Sprint network which they are calling the Samsung Transform, the device was shown in a Sprint document between the Kyocera Zio which has been branded the Sanyo Zio and the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330.

The image of this Samsung Transform comes by way of Sean Hollister over at Engadget, which he says looks much like the Spint version of the Samsung Galaxy S, the Samsung Epic 4G but if it is then why call the device the Samsung Transform?

Sean goes on to say that as far as they can tell the Samsung Transform hasn’t been tested for WiMAX so maybe the Samsung Transform could be an Epic minus the 4G along with a different form factor.

No doubt as time goes by more info will surface on this Sprint Samsung Transform and when it does we will pass it along. So any of our readers have any suggestions as to what the Samsung Transform smartphone could have inside?


One thought on “Samsung Transform Pops Up in Sprint Doc But What Is It?”

  1. Katie Eads says:

    I have the samsung transform with 3g I liked it when I got I said I would never have any other phone. But to my dismay the phone freezes up it erased all of my pictures numberous times. The keyboard is great if ur a big texter which I am. The phone will send a forclose message the everthing just locks up. I do not recommend the samsung transform if u don’t have a headache this phone will give u one. My phone froze up numerous times for hours at at time. This phone has a mind of it own.

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