Apple iPhone Future, Larger and Smaller Devices in 2011?

So what will Apple do in future with the highly acclaimed iPhone? Well obviously the first thing one thinks of is the Verizon iPhone and the rumoured iPhone 5, but what else could Apple do with their iPhone range say next year?

Well according to an article over on Apple insider, by Neil Hughes, a Wall Street analyst has said that Apple is working to on expanding the iPhone line which may see Apple offering larger and smaller iPhone models as soon as early 2011.

Apparently Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu has stated that when checks with sources in Apple’s abroad supply chain indicate that Apple is developing new iPhone models with both smaller and larger touch screens and that said new products could launch in 2011 on other carriers than AT&T.

In a note to investors, Wu wrote…”Our sources believe these likely represent new high-end and low-end iPhone models to complement its current iPhone 4. One possibility we are picking up is a “mini” or “nano” iPhone with a smaller candybar form factor leveraging technology in its new mini touchscreen iPod nano.”

So if true we may just see some new iPhone hardware surfacing sometime early next year, so what do our readers think, is a smaller screen iPhone, or a bigger screen iPhone a good idea? Would you purchase a new iPhone early next year if it wasn’t on AT&T and offered a different size display? Feel free to shout out in our comments area below.

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