O2 UK HTC HD7 aka Schubert: ROM Leak

We have some news covering the HTC HD7 aka Schubert and seeing as the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Event is kicking of today at 2:30pm we will provide you with much more news.

Earlier on today James reported some pricing details of the T-Mobile version of the HTC HD7, the price will be $199 on a 2-year agreement, the event should hopefully reveal more if all true.

It does not stop there because we have found more information that O2 UK is set to provide this smartphone as well according to 911sniper, the new Windows Phone 7 platform handset is set to be a winner but time will tell.

The O2 UK version of this phone was revealed via a leaked ROM and guesses for release is end of October, leaked ROM also mentions that no Sense availability as HTC will have the HTC Hub in the ROM available at launch.

As soon as the event kicks off we will bring you much more news, stay with us because we will have it all.

Source — Pocketnow via Engadget

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