HTC 7 Pro Release Date: UK and Europe, Worthy Upgrade

The Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Launch Event yesterday revealed many new smartphones and one of them was the HTC 7 Pro, which is a worthy upgrade to the HTC Touch Pro 2.

This new Windows Phone 7 smartphone has been marked by Engadget as a workhorse and features one of the best tilt-sliding QWERTY keyboards and a stunning 3.6-inch display. This handset is truly a beautiful piece of kit and can see it doing very well indeed.

This device will be available in Europe as well HTC confirms that the 7 Pro WP7 smartphone is also heading to the UK early next year, not too sure who the carriers will be as it is a little too early to say.

As soon as we have more information on this stunning handset we will inform you, please let us know if you like the sound of the HTC 7 Pro so far. Check out the hands-on video here


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