Palm Pre 2 Poses for Pictures

So what we have here is apparently the latest smartphone out of the Palm/HP camp, namely what is presumed to be the Palm Pre 2, which when you look at the device doesn’t actually look that much different from the original Palm Pre devices.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Andrew Munchbach, the guys over at Mobile France have posted several pictures of the Palm Pre 2 to their website, and apparently there are a couple of tiny form factor changes.

Those changes are the front of the device now sports a slim black bezel around the display and features a matt black finish in both upper and lower segments, and that’s basically about all there is to this next generation Pre smartphone.

The rumours specs for the Palm Pre 2, or would that be HP Pre 1, are the device will pack a 1GHz processor, run webOS 2, and 512MB RAM. So does the look of the new Palm Pre 2 cause you to smile and hope the device hits as soon as possible, or do you think you’ll give it a miss?

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