Android T-Mobile G2 Overclocking Captured on Video

As always with a new smartphone some clever clogs has a go at overclocking the device, and now apparently this has been achieved with the new Android toting T-Mobile G2 and has apparently speeded things up no end and we have a video of the event for your viewing pleasure below.

The T-Mobile G2 Overclocking video comes our way courtesy of Tim Stevens over at Engadget, apparently coolbho3000, a member of XDA-developers has posted his overclock module which makes the T-Mobile G2 a lot faster.

The T-Mobile G2 Overclocking video lasts almost four minutes whereby he starts off at 1GHz and keeps on pushing the T-Mobile G2 way up to 1.42 GHz and apparently it could go even higher.

And this has been accomplished even though T-mobile has gone to considerable lengths to put a hlat on hacking the T-Mobile G2. So all that remains is for you to head on down, mash that play buttom and check out the T-Mobile G2 clocking 1.42 GHz…enjoy.

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