The Secret of Grisly Manor Game Review and Walkthrough: 2012 update 2

Update: New update Feb 2012 has appeared, Version 1.6 now adds small bug fixes as well as graphic updates.

Update 2: You may wish to read our latest post titled “The Secret of Grisly Manor too short, get Lost City

We have downloaded the new iPhone game called ‘The Secret of Grisly Manor’ and some say this app is just as good as ‘Myst’, personally Myst is much better but we can see much potential for Grisly Manor, anyway what do we think of the game itself.

This is a very good game that keeps you busy for a while and when we say for a while we actually mean about 20 to 30 minutes, now at £1.19 for the iPhone app this is a little too expensive for our liking, there is obviously going to be a sequel and we cannot wait for this next installment.

The game is brilliant on the iPhone 4 with crisp clear images and very smooth gameplay, going from room to room can take a while but yet still not too bad on the grand scale of things, we have seen worse.

The game is all about a grandpa who hides his work and you have to find inventory to unlock other rooms, draws and solve puzzles and much more, you have to find objects and clues around the house to solve each puzzle.

Main features Include: A massive adventure that fits into your pocket – over 50 locations to explore, Beautiful graphics that draw you into this mesmerizing adventure, Fantastic soundtrack and sound effects, Lots of items to collect and puzzles to solve, iOS4 compatible and Auto saves your position.

When they say over 50 locations to explore that is a little let down because you are expected to go to 50 new places, yet the 50 locations is within the house where each puzzle is, if they say locations we expect 50 different levels to be fair.

Overall Summary: This is a very good game and has a lot of potential, it gets you hooked straight away and is hard to put down, but for £1.19 for 30 minutes of your life is a waste of money. Hopefully the developers will give us free app update with new levels, because if they charge us for each new update that would be a rip-off and maybe they should have just released a full game for something like £4.99, you know a game that lasts weeks instead of minutes. We do like this game and can see it being very popular indeed but we suggest getting ‘Myst’ as there is much more gameplay, maybe we are wrong and Grisly Manor will get much better. For more information and option to download please visit iTunes.

Please do send in your personal reviews if you have this game, your opinion is important to us. If you are stuck within the game please read the full walkthrough below.

– – remove brick on wall to the right
– – take key inside brick hole
– – use key on door to enter manor

– – take ripped piece of paper from painting along the stairs
– – take matches on table
in left ground-floor room
– – take a log from woodpile at the front of outdoor cabin (all the way through the right ground-floor room and kitchen; there is a stump to the right)
– – take jeweled butterfly from the taxidermy frame on the wall in 1st bedroom on 2nd-floor
– – also take note of the old drawing (of a red car with 4 wheels; each wheel is partially colored white) on wall, and piggy bank on bedside cabinet
– – take goldfish bowl on bedside cabinet, and chess piece from under the bed, in 2nd bedroom on 2nd-floor

– – use chess piece on chess board on table in right ground-floor room
– – take silver key from opened secret compartment of the chess board
– – use silver key on door leading to penthouse on 2nd-floor

– – solve marble piece puzzle on trunk to reveal butterfly-shaped indentation in the metal
– – use jeweled butterfly on indentation to open the trunk
– – take magnet on a string inside the trunk
– – also take note of the strange symbols inscribed on the bottom of the trunk

– – tap on carpet on ground-floor to reveal the grate
– – use magnet on a string on grate to retrieve tuning fork that fell under the grate

– – use tuning fork on peculiar metal plaque on door of outdoor cabin (with stump to the right) to open it
– – take wooden mallet and carved falcon on table in outdoor cabin

– – use wooden mallet on piggy bank in 1st bedroom on 2nd-floor
– – take old brass token
– – use old brass token on empty slot of gumball machine on table in left ground-floor room (turn handle to use)
– – take heart-shaped jewel

– – put carved falcon together with the rest of the falcons on top of the fireplace
– – reorientates falcons according to old drawing on the wall in 1st bedroom on 2nd-floor: each white portion of the wheels denotes direction at which a falcon should be facing
– – take the fuse from the hidden compartment

– – go to 2nd-floor and tap in between 2nd bedroom and bathroom to reveal a somewhat sneakily concealed area with a door shut tight with no door knob, and on its sides 2 statutes (statute on the right sits on a base with an empty heart-shaped notch)
– – use heart-shaped jewel on statue base to reveal a hidden compartment
– – take silver knob and ice pick
– – tap on the right side of the screen to exit and return to previous scene

– – use silver knob on drawer in kitchen
on ground-floor
– – take rusty key from drawer
– – open freezer to reveal one giant ice block with something frozen in it
– – use ice pick on giant ice block to chip away the ice
– – take wrench

– – use wrench on bolt on the wall in bathroom on 2nd-floor to reveal a secret passageway on the wall
– – enter passageway & use fuse on rusty fuse box to reveal glowing door on the left
– – enter glowing door on the left to enter secret room (it is actually the study room)
– – take golden key on grandpa’s desk
and take note of the unbalanced old set of scales
– – exit the secret room with grandpa’s desk through the door on the left and into the somewhat sneakily concealed area with a door previously shut tight with no door knob; this door now remains open

– – use golden key on small key hole on the stairs
– – take ornate rod

– – use rusty key on old cabinet in outdoor cabin
– – take (another) ripped piece of paper
– – combination 42-34-15 is now in inventory

– – use ornate rod on large metal socket set into center of old stump to the right of outdoor cabin to reveal an opening
– – enter the old stump which now remains open. From this point onwards, if you exit and re-enter the game, the old stump might remains closed while the ornate rod is gone. Congrats.. You have version 1.0 of the game, and it is a bug that you can’t get around, get version 1.1
– – select & highlight ancient stones on the ancient stone table according to strange symbols inscribed on the bottom of the trunk in penthouse
– – 2 streams of light emit from the center of the ancient stone table & point to 2 ancient stones, suggesting a time of 8:25 AM/PM

– – arrange the hour & minute hands of cuckoo clock on the wall in left ground-floor room according to the location provided by ancient stones to reveal the opening of the cuckoo clock and its rather unusual cuckoo
– – take stopper

– – use stopper on drain in tub in bathroom on 2nd-floor
– – open tab to fill tub with water
– – use goldfish bowl with tab filled with water to release goldfish into tub
– – empty bowl is now in inventory
– – use empty bowl on tub to get bowl with water
– – enter secret passageway on the wall to the left previously opened with wrench on the bolt
– – tap handle on rusty fuse box to close glowing door on the left
– – exit the bathroom and enter the secret room with grandpa’s desk instead through the door with 2 statues (in between the bathroom and 2nd bed room)
– – the door to the right in room with grandpa’s desk is now closed revealing its back taped with an old World’s Fair poster that reads “Love Is The Key To The World”

– – go to colorful alphabet magnets on fridge in the kitchen
– – identify colors of the alphabets L . O . V . E = green . orange . red . purple
– – go to globe with the word ‘study’ scrawled on it in right ground-floor room
– – use each of the 4 handles to change color of the optics to the colors identified to open the globe to reveal a sealed wooden box
– – take sealed wooden box

– – use log on fireplace
– – use matches on log in fireplace to start a fire
– – use sealed wooden box on fire in fireplace and the box bursts into flames
– – a small metal object is hidden inside the box but the fire is too hot for it to be retrieved
– – use bowl of water on fire to douse the fire with water
– – take 5 ounce weight

– – use 5 ounce weight on unbalanced scale on grandpa’s desk to lower painting of “Daisy the dog” and reveal “Safe-T-Lock” wall safe on the wall
– – enter combination 42-34-15 with the 3 handles to open the wall safe
– – take iron key

– – use iron key on basement door on ground-floor
– – solve 3-wheel puzzle on wooden door to open wooden door in basement

– Epilogue – comes on, read for some light humor

Walktough courtesy of XSellize


26 thoughts on “The Secret of Grisly Manor Game Review and Walkthrough: 2012 update 2”

  1. Kelly says:

    I was really disappointed that I had paid £1.19 and once I got to the end though.. OH is that it?!?!?
    great little brain teaser, too expensive for what it is but I stupidly paid it and was a little let down.

  2. Matthew H says:

    Myst is a classic in the genre – the perennial frustration for people who like the Myst games, though, is that the original 1993 game is the only one most people have heard of (despite the fact that the later Myst titles are often in many ways better)… play "Riven" (it's great, it's a classic in the genre). And look into Myst 3, 4, and 5… Myst 3 is good all around, Myst 4 has amazing graphics but weak story, Myst 5 is decent but kind of disappointing given the quality of the other games in the series.

    Or Uru – that's the realtime 3d Myst MMO and it is donation-supported freeware now.
    MystOnline.com – go there, download it, play it.

  3. Matt_H says:

    Incidentally, this app (Secret of Grisly Manor) is quite good – short, and a bit overpriced, but good nonetheless. The puzzles are well-designed and nicely interconnected. The ending is pretty silly, but it's a fun app regardless.

    I'm making my own adventure game app using the same game creation toolset they used…
    mine will be priced more fairly, IMO, at 99 cents. It's the first of a series. Visit "isolaiphone.com" if you want more information on my adventure game project.

  4. Seriously, it's just over a quid/under a dollar and you're complaining? You were entertained for half-an-hour right? That's probably 25 minutes longer than those crappy plastic toys you get form the pound shop/dollar store.

  5. P00r_d0bby says:

    interesting game. the only let down, its waaaayyyy too short. Got the game for free, so no complain, but I wouldnt pay for it, just for the fact that it is way too short

  6. Ørjan Sollie says:

    For the final puzzle: The left dial turns all three dials, the middle dial turns the two left side dials and the right side dial turns the two right side dials.
    1. Turn the left side dial until the left side arrows line up.
    2. Turn the right side dial until the middle arrows line up. Now the two left side dials are both lined up and in sync.
    3. Turn the left side dial until the right side arrows line up.
    4. Turn the middle dial until both the remaining sets of arrows line up.
    You might have to jiggle it a bit once you’re done, it wasn’t quite in place for me, even though all three dials had the lights on.

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