Sony PlayStation Phone vs iPhone: Games Battle

Well no sooner than the word that the Sony PlayStation phone may be real we have the battle of the games waiting on the sidelines as Peter Dille, the senior marketing vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment of America has apparently hinted in an interview that their upcoming PlayStation phone is ready to take on the likes of the Apple iPhone when it comes to mobile gaming.

According to an article over on Electronista and by way of CNN, Dille sees WiFi-only as being the only hindrance to the PSP and most iPhone games are just “time-killers,” which don’t encourage long play, while Sony’s experience with the PlayStation means they know how to “encourage serious games,” where people just aren’t satisfied with what Apple and the rest are offering.

Dille didn’t actually confirm that there is a Sony PlayStation phone though; however it is known that the prototype has a touch screen and runs Android and sports a PSP Go-style control pad rather than a keyboard and carries the Sony Ericsson name on the device.

As for the Sony PlayStation phone games, whether there would be a dedicated section in the Android Market or whether Sony Ericsson would have an actual PlayStation app store to provide games isn’t known.

So what do our readers think, would a Sony PlayStation phone be able to take on the iPhone when it come to mobile gaming? Do you think Sony is better placed to offer a better gaming experience than Apple? But the big question is if you are a mobile gamer would you swap your iPhone for a PlayStation phone?


3 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation Phone vs iPhone: Games Battle”

  1. aqeel says:

    if its right will be great..is that is no comparison between apple games and playstation games as long as far beside that playstation knew very well the games while have many realtionship with games makers ..and at the last if we mix between( sonyericsson and psp ) we will get great phone ever seen as both will have apps+ games +multimedia..in one device according to me

  2. yes defiantly as iphone never compare with psp …as long as far if the work hard to mix playstation experiences ,technology with sonyericssson together we will get great gamer phone + multimedia beside the other function …and i agree that required apps store this bring sony in race and hit apple…

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