iPhone 4 In White And Other Colours Available

Yes well before you get all over excited it’s not exactly what you may think. No Apple hasn’t released the white iPhone 4, but apparently there is a way of getting your iPhone 4 to go white along with other various colours.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Joel Johnson, there is a building dedicated to Apple devices in the Shenzhen electronics market, where you can pick up any coloured backs for the iPhone 4 by the case load.

There’s even white if you’re that desperate to tart up at least the back of your iPhone 4, if you are of the fairer sex who would love a girly looking iPhone 4 there is pink, if you are more of an environmentalist you could have green, the options seem to be endless.

Although apparently they are a tad on the pricey side at $80 a pop, but what gets me about all this is if you can pick up any colour for your iPhone 4 in China why is Apple crying so much that they can’t make a white iPhone4 when clearly the bits are available in Shenzhen?


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  1. What I heard on another rumour site, is that they can't get the white on the button to match the white on the case. And from the pictures, it looks like they can't get yellow and pink to match either.

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