Mobile Phone STD Tests On Their Way?

Is there nothing the humble mobile phone wont do for you in your everyday life as it appears sometime in the future if you suspect you may have contracted an STD a visit to your local doctors to find out may not be necessary.

According to an article over on the L A Times and by way of The Guardian, in an attempt to slow down the rising rate of gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes in young people, the UK Clinical Research Collaboration is to fund the development of a system that is similar to a pregnancy test kit, to the tune of £4 million, which will be able to identify within minutes if the user has an STD.

Basically what the user does if they think they may have contracted an STD they can either pee or spit on a USB drive sized computer chip and plug it into their smartphone or PC and will receive a diagnosis of common STDs.

Apparently the new system is hoped to help lessen the advancing number of people infected with an STD but may be too embarrassed to visit their doctor to find out, and it is hoped that the tech savvy younger generation will take to the new “self testing system” which apparently will be sold via vending machines at a cost of about 50p or a pound in nightclubs and the like, although there’s no word on just when this new system may go live.

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