Facebook for iPhone App Updated Settings and Bug Fix

For those Facebook fans who own an iPhone or iPod Touch, Facebook has now udated their mobile application for iOS taking the version to 3.3.2 and added a fix for a photo bug along with an access account and privacy settings update.

According to an article over on TiPb by Rene Ritchie, this latest version on Facebook for iPhone enables the user to access the setting through clicking on the “Account Button” found at the top left of your home screen and then loads Facebook.com web page which basically means Facebook now doesn’t need to update the application when they update those pages.

Of course the photo bug fix is always an advantage however according to the article the “no iPad version” bug still remains but no doubt they will get round to fixing that at some stage in the game.

So if you have had a play around with the new version of Facebook for iPhone and checked out those settings along with seeing if you can now upload images or if you are experiencing any issues feel free to shout out in our comments area below.

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