Towers vs. Dragons 1.1.1 iOS Game Now Available

There’s a new fantasy game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch available on iTunes called Towers vs. Dragons which combines line drawing along with tower defence and enables gamers to construct towers, draw traps, and “harvest mana” as they work their way through each level whilst killing an abundance of flying dragons along the way.

Towers vs. Dragons for iPhone features 15 levels which introduce new exciting elements for defending your kingdom and beating off those hordes of pesky dragons. Towers vs. Dragons is Game Centre ready and player scores are recorded on game centre leaderboards.

Towers vs. Dragons game for iPhone features an attractive interface which is easy to use, fifteen challenging levels to discover, a vast arsenal of weapons, three modes of survival, and great background music composed by Mike Weiser.

So, if you are into slaying dragons and building towers in your kingdom and have an Apple device running iOS 3.1 and above you can download Towers vs. Dragons to you device from iTunes for a low price of just $0.99.

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